Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ya Ever Had One Of Those Days?!

I woke this morning feeling great, plenty of sleep, hang-over free and recovered from The Wine Country Sunday Brunch, (at Arte Cafe) that went on, (for us anyway) until 9pm. When the alarm went off I sprung to my feet and without grumpiness toddled to the coffee pot for a good old cup of wake up juice. Flipped on my laptop, went to my blog page, (my new addiction...I watch the number of page views grow everyday and wonder just who in the hell is reading this thing) and flipped on the Television for background noise.

I then logged on to Chowhound my other addiction to see what my fellow food freaks were...well, freaking out about this morning. I clicked on the best burger in Orange County post, followed the threads that I had started and was having a grand old time, just me and my laptop with my husband already tapping away at his work computer, (his office is in the living room) "Ah" I thought the sound of real love...tick tick tippity tick. We are heading to Connecticut for a wedding this weekend so I thought better ask a few questions.

"What time do we fly out on Thursday" I asked Carl, "We leave at noon, tomorrow" he replied. "Shit...shit, I thought we were leaving Thursday" he sat there staring at me with a blank face and slowly said, "um nope, tomorrow". "But I don't even have an outfit yet, I thought I had two more nights to get ready!" As the sweat began rolling down the back of my neck I watched my husband shift a bit in his swivel chair...poor thing I cant begin to imagine what was going through this head, what could he say to make this better? "I think I am scheduled to work tomorrow...I have appointments...my roots are coming in!!" I was in both a full flop sweat and panic attack, I kept taking deep breaths but nothing seemed to take hold.

Here is the thing/things, I hate even being late for work...the mere idea of being late works me into such a tizzy, I find it irresponsible and here I am scheduled to work a full shift and I am leaving on a jet plane! The idea of it was making me insane and I shot out email after email to the whole staff alerting them of my GIANT screw up....I was horrified.

The real issue is the outfit. The wedding we are to attend is for my husband's cousin on his Mother's side so we will be back East with her whole crew, and she hates the way I dress. Not in a mean way she just doesn't find me feminine...can you believe that?! For me dressing up quite often includes a tie and man does she hate me in a tie! I have heard on more than one occasion, "Please Sam just don't wear a tie...my poor son"......ahem, just so you all know, her son thinks I look sexy in a tie but I digress.

My Mother in Law is a sweet generous woman that goes out of her way for everyone, she offers her opinion not to annoy but to impart her wisdom and I know that and love her for it but the clothes thing drives me nuts! Whenever faced with dressing for an event with her I freak out, lose all my cool and end up walking in with my chest all puffed out waiting for the conversation which almost never comes...there is "the look" but other than that nadda...so you see I work myself into a tizzy for nothing. This morning was the worst ever!

I was frantic, had to find someone to cover for me tomorrow, get an outfit, touch up my..ahem roots, pack, blow off kickboxing class just then Carl spun around and said, "I think I'm going to switch hotels for this weekend." ...ACK I sent wine ahead!!! The millions of things swimming around in my head all slammed together and I had to get out, I tossed on my clothes, grabbed my purse, clamped on my watch....battery dead...no freaking way.

When I walked into work I was huffing away trying to get myself calm enough to concur the ginormous tasks ahead of me, just then Dale, (Randy's wife) walked in and I barfed up all my junk on her...she stood there for a second, said, "OK who is in tomorrow" and walked to the schedule. We worked out the who's and what's and I ordered the cheese for the weekend...things were settling. When I left work everyone wished me luck on my clothes mission and I headed off to the dreaded mall.

First outfit I tried on worked, can you freaking believe that...never happens! Black slacks, white girly shirt and a curve hugging black jacket, (I hate it when my clothes hug my body...icky) not too fluffy for me and girly enough not to make my Mother in Law crazy...perfect! My sister had agreed to help me, (my good luck charm when shopping) and I told her I might need some shoes so we headed down to DSW, I wear men's shoes...I know, I know but they are comfy and I hate my toes being all smashed together, I'm convinced it is some ancient form of torture.
I picked out a pair of black shoes, comfy as all get out and kinda fancy, headed to the checkout and that is when I saw them, (insert harp music here) a pair of black, pink and white argyle tennis shoes....SOLD! I may not have my ties but I will have a little Sam in the outfit.

So here I sit at midnight, sipping on some Francois Chidaine Touraine, outfit packed, cute new sassy shoes, shifts covered and breathing a giant sigh of relief.

What a freaking day...oh and my watch is fixed too!

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