Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just Because It Always Was...Does That Make It True?!

You ever believed in something for so long that it becomes part of your very fiber, something that you are so sure about that you need not even think about it anymore, it just,“ is”? I must admit that I am suspicious and guarded by nature so I have very few of these, “it just is” things in my life….the one’s I do have I protect and defend with my whole heart, my big mouth and a fierce loyalty…that is, until I am proven wrong. When that happens it’s as if a part of me crumbles and my protective layers are being chipped away at, so in short I hate it like poison and do all that I can to keep things at bay, things that may disappoint, hurt or challenge my fortitude. Those of you that know me are very aware of this “protective layer” this buffer between me and anything that might disillusion me. I’m not one of those people that you want to just hug right away, and I assure you it is not that I don’t adore the snuggles but I have to be sure that if I let you, “in” you wont make me look foolish for extending my trust….so not European of me but if history has taught me anything it is to protect the most important thing you have….your belief, your trust.

Now before you go thinking I’m going all religious on you, (not that it is a bad thing…just not my thing, I believe in something bigger than myself and that can be any number of things…can not commit to one thing. I believe in people, I believe in hope, I believe in love, I believe in passion and promise, not sure what group has cornered the market on those yet so let’s just say I am undecided) I’m talking more about the things that are so embedded in your psyche that you have long sense given up even thinking about it, it just….is.

I recently had a very large, “wow, how could have I been soooo wrong about this” moment, it sucked big time, and I am still reeling from it…..been wracking my brain, questioning my judgment and wishing that I could stuff every word of praise, adoration and devotion into a box, burry it and never think of it again. I’ve been horrified thinking about all the ears that praise has fallen upon and wondering if my credibility has been diminished by my misguided trust or belief in something that has through time become ugly, tarnished and a mere shadow of what it once was.

When I hear people that have been following wine for more years than I have been legal to drink and they start rattling off names like, Berringer, Jadot, Mondavi, Moet & Chandon I have to wonder…have you, umm investigated those lately? I know those estates were the pinnacle for years, they were the model if you will, but with time comes progress and some….haven’t adjusted the scale. I know there are folks that will see those names and assume, (sometimes negating their own palate) that they are the best without even considering the fact that what was once the best, is now stale, lazy and resting on an quickly fading reputation. Might it be time to rethink, re-taste and reevaluate what, “just is”? With each generation of wine drinker, importer, winemaker and wine writer comes a freshness, a clean slate and a belief that there must be more in the glass that the name on the label. I am willing to learn from my mistakes….willing to open my mind and heart to new things that may just be the next thing to steal my heart, my devotion and win my praise…..howz about you?

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