Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Resist Prohibition!!

“Hi, I just got a call from UPS saying that something you sent me was destroyed” cant tell you how much we hate those calls, it is rare that UPS breaks something, but it does happen once in a while. I got a little more information, his name, the fact that he hadn’t placed an order with us…so it was a gift, (feel even worse when someone’s presents are broken) promised to do some research and back to him as soon as possible…turns out as soon as possible was going to be the next day.

After tracking the package we saw that there had been an attempted delivery, no one was there to sign for it so it was rescheduled to deliver the next day, “okay cool we don’t have to worry then” and assumed it was an error on UPS’s end.

Next morning, “hi I called yesterday about a package that was destroyed by UPS” it was the birthday boy again. “Yes we tracked your package and it is scheduled to deliver today” we assured him, “That’s weird because UPS just called me again and said that they destroyed the package. I’m just sure what to do now” he replied. Crap, neither did we. So again we had to tell him that we were going to have to do some investigating, this time not relying on the UPS tracking system, we were going to have to call. After being told, by someone that clearly did the same thing….checking the tracking number, that the package was going to be delivered we had to tell them about the phone call the recipient received from them, gotta love GIANT companies, seems like the more people involved the less anyone knows what the hell is going on.

“Ah that helps a bit” the voice on the other end said, I will have someone give you a call…sweet more waiting. No call that day so this morning I set our Internet/shipping person into attack mode, “Find out what the hell is going on so we can get back to this poor guy” I was feelin’ him, waiting for presents is excruciating! Thirty minutes later Megan, (our Internet/shipping person) came up to me with a less than happy face….merde.

Turns out we had shipped 6 bottles of Duckhorn to Massachusetts, a state that does not allow shipments of alcohol. It was a mistake made by someone that was unaware of the restrictions, and to be honest it is a state we have shipped to before….not a lot but once in awhile…yeah, they don’t like it! The outcome, because we shipped wine into a state that does not allow us to….and a state that does not allow shipments out….they destroyed the package, you know because it was illegal for UPS to ship it back to us…WTF?! They acted like it was a bomb, they detonated our Duckhorn! Now we are out the wine, the original customer is out the gift he sent, (but at least we will refund his money…dammit) and the birthday boy is without his gift, this blows and if you ask me it is tantamount to theft….and highly stupid. There are these UPS people, destroying bottles of wine just like the coppers did during prohibition….didn’t work then, lets cross our fingers it won’t work now…..

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