Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yep, That's How We Roll

So things have been on the low key side for the past couple weeks, and aside from a dinner with the bosses, (Randy & Dale Kemner) and their friends where we ate TONS of Yakitori, and took down a couple of magnums of Sake, I have been very well behaved….biggest reason? Amy and her hubby were on vacation, so no partners in crime, sure Merritt is always down to play but she was spending time with her boyfriend and house sitting so she was on the, “being good” path as well. It was a nice little break but Saturday morning I felt it, there was a dark force pulling at me….turns out that force was Amy was going to be back in town by mid afternoon.


I went to her place that morning, left them some food so they wouldn’t have to rush out to the market or call something in, they were home and I wanted them to have something home cooked waiting for them. Got the call late afternoon, “Thank you so much, that was just what we needed” it was Amy, they were safely home, had a bite to eat and played with their beloved puppies, they were going to just relax and decompress from the flight…..an hour or so later I got another call, “So if I came by the store would you want to have a glass or two of Champagne with me?” Amy again and still very much in vacation mode. “You have to ask?” was my reply and we spent an hour after closing sitting around, listening to stories about their trip and sipping on Champagne, Pierre Peters Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, a perfect wine to end a long week and kick off a few days off!

Two bottles down, hubbies and boyfriend waiting, Merritt, Amy & I agreed to meet at Tracy’s, (our favorite local bar/restaurant, great pub food, VERY stiff drinks and a warm, comfortable setting) for breakfast Sunday morning, “I’ll bring that bottle we got from my husband’s boss!” Amy yelled as she climbed into her car. I knew what wine she was referring to, not my favorite but something about drinking it Sunday morning in a sports bar seemed wickedly fitting.

The hubby and I were running a little late as I was trying to post about Chignard Beaujolais but Yahoo was acting sucky again, took like 9 times just to get on the blog….arrrggghhhh, so annoying! When we found our group at Tracy’s there it was, the bottle, snugly wrapped in a Rapid Ice chiller. We ordered cocktails to go with the hot wings and saved the bottle for our real breakfast; eggs and sausage for me, burgers and fries for Amy and her hubby, omelet for Merritt’s boyfriend and “The Mess” for Merritt and my hubby. Now The Mess is a despicable plate of food, it starts with a fluffy biscuit split in half, it is then topped with, scrambled eggs, grilled onions and bacon then the whole thing is covered in sausage gravy…it’s vile but the hubs loves him some The Mess…ewe.

Hot wings polished off, we placed our orders and asked for Champagne flutes. Amy pulled off the chiller and popped the cork and there we all were, in a sports bar eating junk food, (tasty junk food mind you) and drinking one of the world’s most recognizable symbols of status…..I have to admit, it felt kinda Rock Star.

So the wine, yeah….still not my favorite. It was fine, a little too young but fine, kind of tart and simple with a pretty little roasted flavor on the all too short finish. If the wine were around $40 I might be willing to give it more praise but we all surmised that it should cost about half of what it does. It was just a reminder to me that this is a brand, the wine is secondary, when someone gives you a bottle of Dom Perignon they are letting you know that they spent around $100, not so much that they sought out the best wine for the money. So I still feel very good that we decided to dump the brand a few years back, could it still sell, well sure but I cannot in good conscience tell anyone that it is worth the money….you know, other than letting someone know how much you spent, just not enough value in that for me.

We spent the next few hours bar hopping, details are on the fuzzy side, Gin & Tonics, sitting in a dark bar, being blinded by the sunlight emerging from said bars, Jamison shots….I woke up, in the car on our way to my in-laws for dinner, perfect. I walked in and with my head hung I said, “I’m pretty looped, been drinking since early this morning” they let out a chuckle and made me a Bloody Mary….awesome.

So a couple of weeks of good behavior, a bottle of Dom, and the question, “Is it worth the money?” were obliterated, along with a few brain cells on a warm Sunday afternoon….nice to be back in the swing of things!

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