Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whoops, May Have Come Off Like A Snob

Okay so looking at my last two posts I fear I may come off like one of those food weenies, you know one of those jokers that flaunt their fine dining experiences, turn their nose up at junk food and shop only at those “fancy” supermarkets…so absolutely not true. I love nacho cheese fries, (from Del Taco), Jack-In-Box breakfast sandwiches are on my “craveable” list, I shop at the regular markets, (although I do seek out the better/fresher stuff, eat what is in season, organic…stuff like that) hell, the hubby and I just did a boxed Mac & Cheese taste off a couple of months ago….I should do a post about that, I did take pictures, but truth be told I didn’t like the stuff as a kid….still really don’t, first three bites, “yummy” after that I was done…..I love food, all kinds of food, the one caveat, It has got to be good.

I loathe McDonalds, both because they are taking over the world and because I think the food is horrible, really horrible. It had been 10 years since I went there and I had a craving for their fries….long story short I got some, I then spent the next 30 minutes trying to rinse the creepy layer of lard film off the roof of my mouth….dude what the hell?! Nasty, that’s what it is and don’t even get me started on the McRib….. don’t like Chili’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Claim Jumper, Applebee’s, El Torito or Mimi’s CafĂ© not because they are chains but because I think the food is not good. On the flip side I do like the aforementioned fast food joints, Island’s, Outback, (seriously love that house salad and their crab legs are serviceable) Hoff’s Hut, Ruby’s, Johnny Rockets and Papa Jon’s, there are more on both sides of the coin but the point is I eat where I think the food is tasty and worth the price….so not a food snob!

On the higher end side we do tend to make a point to treat ourselves to nicer meals once every couple months or so, it is our hobby, passion and really, it is part of my job to see what is going on in the dining world, what Chef’s are doing, new flavors, what trends are hot…you know stuff like that. Eating, drinking, shopping at Farmer’s Markets, cooking, it’s all part of the flavor freak lifestyle in which I am deeply entrenched. I get goose bumps and all giddy over a perfect carne asada taco as much as I do over lobster if not more, I do loves me some tacos! All I want is for it to taste good, be fresh and most of all be balanced, (same way I feel about wine). That abomination of a chicken the other night was none of that, it was tasteless, could not have been fresh and was a complete waste of time and money…and it clearly cheesed me off.

I share the stories of our fancy meals, not to brag but hopefully to inspire, get people to treat themselves to a fine meal or bottle of wine from time to time…hell people, we bust our asses all day, we work hard and I see nothing wrong with rewarding ourselves from time to time. Eating out, sharing a beautifully cooked meal or savoring a bottle of wine can bring immense pleasure and brings people together like nothing else I can think of. Sure talking about your kids, work, politics and movies is fun too, it’s real life but to sit around a table, sipping on a glass of Burgundy while smearing mounds of pungent, gooey Epoisses onto a piece of crunchy, warm, chewy bread…..it really is as pleasurable and sensual moment as you can share with people short of actually touching them, (and hey if you wanna do that too…party on wild bunch but I have to draw the line somewhere).

Just wanted to clear that up, I am in no way a snob when it comes to food or wine, I just get pissy when I feel that I wasted my time and money on either and find it heartbreaking to think of others doing the same…..I want everyone to feel good, taste great and be full of pleasure, like I said, we work really hard its gotta be for something right?

So uh, yeah, um….eat at Craft if you can and stay away from stoopid chickens, and this ends our public service announcement…..

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