Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So I just woke up, stumbled to the kitchen for my wake up juice, (coffee, milk and half a teaspoon of sugar) made my daily one-eyed waltz to the couch and turned on MSNBC to see what is going on in the world. The news that I was fed? Apparently, there are a bunch of people with their undies in a bunch about….ready? A couple of Burger King commercials…..blink….blink, really, this is news?

So a bunch of folks are all offended about a mock rap video commercial that features Sponge Bob and another, (which I have not seen yet) promoting some kind of Texas burger or whatever and the offensive part? A Luche Libre, (masked Mexican wrestlers) dude is in it…sigh. Now I cannot comment in depth about either commercial, like I said I’ve never seen the Texas burger one, the other I have kind of seen but never even really noticed that Sponge Bob was in it….know why, I don’t really watch commercials, let alone let one offend me!

So the Sir Mix-a-Lot add, the one with Sponge Bob has a bunch of girls in shorts shaking their backsides….gasp, how horrible to market sex to children by putting a Sponge Bob in the commercial….um, parents you might want to take a gander at the other junk on television! This kind of outrage is just….outrageous. People spend so much time trying to keep the “bad” or “dangerous” influences away from their kids, you know so they can feel comfortable with their kids watching television in the back seat on the way to the grocery store, or watching their ipod during dinner in a restaurant…..that they don’t have any time left to actually teach their kids what is appropriate and what’s not. So lazy!!! “I don’t want to actually talk to my kids or do the work, so I’ll just make sure the airwaves are free of the filth that may make them do bad things”….here’s a thought, arm your children with the confidence and intellect, to make the right choices no matter what is in their face.

If your little ones are people that you won’t even bother talking to, well….then there is a problem far greater than jiggling backsides. So if you’re offended by the new adds by all means boycott the fast food chains, I encourage it, not because of the commercials per se but because you probably shouldn’t be filling their little bodies with that garbage anyway, garbage in….garbage out, as they say. Stop caving and giving in when the wee ones throw a fit or whine when they want a kids meal….show those advertisers how you feel, drive right past those multi-colored domes of grease, drive home and make the tots a sandwich…that’ll teach those smarty pants smut peddlers…

So vote people, vote with your

Or there is always this option

And be sure to have a conversation with your kids, make sure they know you have stopped supporting fast food joints for their safety…because in a way, you are.


Carl said...

Yes, really. Sickening, isn't it.

Lousiville, here we come!!!

Samantha Dugan said...

Hooray! Off to see The Baby! Cannot wait....too bad I don't care for him one bit! :)

Tessa said...

Um, it's a Texican wopper (Texan and Mexican) Isn't Louisville like a month away?

Samantha Dugan said...

hahahahaha that makes it even funnier, guess I'm not very "PC". Yeah it's a month away, but still....sheesh college and puppies make you a cranky!

Benito said...

While you're in Louisville, you have to have dinner at Le Relais... A great French restaurant with a wonderful wine list located on the oldest civilian airport in Kentucky:

This is the kind of airport used by guys who collect antique airplanes and fly on the weekend; it's a fun place and might help the whole transition from California to the Bluegrass State. :)

Tessa said...

Whateve, I'm super chill Holmes

Samantha Dugan said...

Thanks for the tip, not sure if we are gonna have time but if we do my hubby will be in geek heaven! He is a serious plane junky.