Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How Much Longer???

Tick…….Tock……..Tick…….Tock, this week the hands of my clock have been excruciatingly slow, each second seems to feel like 5 minutes, my days drag on and I swear someone has fiddled with every clock I see, “It can’t only be three o clock!” if I were a sleep person I would climb into bed early every night just to speed things up…alas I am not so suffer I must. Seems like it always happens when you are looking forward to something, just like when you were a kid and that week before Christmas lasted a month…feels like that. The upside is that I do in fact have something to look forward to…

Sunday, I am waiting, (not too patiently as is turns out) for Sunday, yes it is my day off….a real one, no brunches but that is not it. Yup there is football on all day, but it is not that either. No, this Sunday will make me happier than my feeble attempt at verbage can explain. The kind of happy that makes you cry, (truth is, right this second…just thinking about it has my eyes welled up, the flood is coming) the kind of whole heart happiness you can live off of for months…this Sunday all my pieces will be clicked together and this puzzle of a life will be complete even if it will only last a couple days.

You know when you meet someone and they have that thing, just a feeling you get when you are around them, a combination of kindness, compassion, confidence and intellect that oozes from their every pore…makes you just want to be around them….makes you want to be like them and inspires those feelings in all that come in contact with them? I know a few and am lucky enough to very close to a couple of them and at around five o clock on Sunday I will be face to face with one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Not only will I be able to see him, I’ll be able to wrap my arms around him, lie my head on his shoulder and get to hear the sweetest words ever uttered, “Hi The Momma”….my baby, he’s coming home!

Many of our customers already know Jeremy but for those readers that don’t I was trying to think of one story that might sum him up without gushing and going on and on….I have two. The first was when he was a baby/toddler the only time he would really cry was when he would see someone else crying…he was a very happy little one, (part of the reason I only had one, the second I was sure would be devil spawn). He had a cousin that went through a crying phase and every time she would start he would look at her, at first perplexed and then before we knew it his little lips were quivering and tears would be streaming down his sweet little face.

The second was while he was away one summer at the University of Wisconsin, (in a program that encouraged ethnic children to go to college) when he was 15. The kids were dealing with social issues and had been acting out skits, Jeremy played a guy that broke up with his girlfriend when she got pregnant, I got a phone call that night, “Mom” he began, “Yes my dear” I playfully responded. “I just want to thank you….for taking a chance on me. You must have been so scared being 18 and alone….I…I just wanted to say thank you” I lost it, and retelling this story….losing it again but I could not think of a better one to spotlight his spirit, he was 15, hanging in the dorms far away from home and something touched him enough to call me…to thank me…no little one, thank you.

Tick…..Tock, is it Sunday yet??!! I’ve got a couple of bottles of Champagne chilling, a glass of Agrapart and a late night conversation with my favorite person….cannot wait!

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