Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wine, Lifestyle Or Treat?

With things being a touch slower at The Wine Country yesterday I was able to cut out of work a little early and handle some business, some much needed business….last night I was wrist deep in one of my least favorite days of the month…maintenance day. This is the day once a month when I cram all my “girlie junk” into one stinky, boring, “all about me” night of pampering. I picked Wednesday because at the very least I could watch Top Chef while the potent chemical swirled around my head, my nose twitched and I kept checking the clock to see how much longer I had to leave this crud on my body. The worst offender….the hair dye, uggg does that junk smell absolutely wretched! Now I know I could go to a salon to handle some of this but rather than the 30 minutes it takes to blob the goo on my head it takes, like hours at a salon not to mention it is way more expensive which cuts into my wine budget….aint havin’ it.

It was able to find a parking spot alarmingly easy at CVS, (drugstore) last night….guess we are not the only ones that aren’t terribly busy yet, pulled my wallet from my purse and headed in through the sliding doors, going over my plan of attack in my head, “Hair dye and hairspray in isle three, nail polish remover on isle two, tinted Burt’s Bees lip junk on isle one then get out”. Now as much as I hate the dyeing, polishing and shaving, (yes, I only have to shave once a month…practically hairless…one of the benefits about being a natural blonde, although as my whining clearly points out, not naturally this blonde) I do end up spending a crap load of money at the damn CVS….don’t know what happens when I walk in there. All the new products just seem like something I may need, can’t tell you how many mascaras I have….always buy the new one, the one that will double my lashes or whatever and one of the ones I have been using for the last 10 years….try the new one, clumpy, flakes, won’t wash off and I kid you not, every time I go right back to my old trusty brand…so why am I still buying the new one? Couldn’t tell you.

Last night I tried to stay on plan….I did, but as I stood in line looking at the assorted girlie stuff in my basket I knew…sigh….I had done it again. (I’m sure they make some pill that may correct my compulsion but I’m sure it would give me blood clots, make my hair fall out or cause anal leakage….I’ll stick to my too many tubes of useless makeup and moisturizer) I waited my turn in line and plunked my too heavy with half worthless junk, basket on the counter. The friendly girl at the counter scanned my CVS card, (something my husband implored me to get…”Dude if you are going to spend over $50 on stuff you are not likely to use at least get the damn discount card.”) and rang up my goods. I swiped my credit card and as she handed me my receipt she said, “Wow I wish I could spend money like that. That is like half of what I make”…….blink blink.

My short ride home had me going from embarrassed to kinda cheesed off. First of all, making a comment like that is just tacky, “Wow you waste a lot of money” or “Goodness you spend a grip of cash trying to look presentable”, secondly the chick was like 19, “Yeah girlie you shouldn’t be making or spending as much as I do…and while we’re at it, mind your bees wax”. I found that by the time I entered my apartment I was grumbling and pissy….little nit wit, regardless of how much of my hard earned cash I spent, these things were necessary……to me, much like her bubble gum and acne medicine are to her, (m-e-o-w…don’t mess with me on maintenance day). I took a gander at the items in my bag and you know what…..not one of them brought me any pleasure, these weren’t “fun” items or treats in any way, just part of the junk that it takes for me to be me. If she really wants to get her apron in a bunch she should see what we spend on dinner sometimes…probably 6 months worth of her “lunch money”….or we could match up my “maintenance” bill per month to her cell phone text message bill or her rent….no wait, her parents are probably footing that bill, they might consider teaching the twit some social graces….see, I’m still cheesed off! I know I called her friendly before but she ended up being like a puppy, cute until it poops on your rug.

It got me thinking about the things that we are willing to cut out when times are tough, the things that you don’t have to have….I’ve seen a few customers that have been MIA lately and they all told me the same thing, “Just been trying to cut back, spend less money so we cut out wine for a while” huh?! Didn’t you starve?! You see I think of wine as part of my food bill, I mean a meal without wine is a truly soulless meal to me…truth be told I would rather cut back on my food bill, (which we have a bit, less 6 months worth of lunch money out dinners. Still unsure why, we didn’t lose any money in the crumbling stock market, don’t have a home that (was overpriced to start with) has a dropping property value and the one place we were getting hit, the gas pump has seen prices drop….just being sheep I guess, “Things are bad! Spend less money!”) I would be happy as hell with a chunk of good cheese and a beautiful glass of crisp white wine. Sure, you can fill your tummy with Cheesy Mac but how will you fill your soul?

Those MIA customers, they are all filtering back for the same reason, once wine gets under your skin….it’s got ya! There really isn’t anything to take its place, sure you can try slurping down the $2.00 stuff you get at Trader Joe’s but you will tire of it, you will miss wines of character. Just like the Cheesy Mac, fine for a bit but after a couple weeks….you will begin to wonder if the $10.00 difference is worth the hole where your pleasure used to be….what the hell are we busting our asses for if not to spend some of that hard earned money on things that make it all worth it?

I understand cutting back, I really do and respect the fact that many people are having to do just that but don’t give up the few things that both taste and make you feel really good…all work and no play you know. Get to know your wine retailer, find out what they are drinking, (trust me wine store folks are feeling the crunch too) let them help you find wines that are both interesting and easy on the wallet, I know at The Wine Country we have been loading up on wines under $15.00m really tasty interesting ones. The relationship you form with them will bring you many a wine adventure, many a taste treat and once things correct themselves with the economy….well the things they can help you explore then….endless amounts of pleasure.

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