Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teeth The New Fake Boobs?

Sorry for this mini rant but this is just driving me crazy, is it just me or have teeth gotten out of control? As I mentioned it my earlier post today, I was watching two older movies and not once was I dazzled by anyone’s grill, didn’t notice anyone’s choppers at all as a matter of fact, I was just watching movies, listening to dialog and exploring characters but when I was watching television today I was constantly distracted by giant, perfectly white, straight teeth. Can’t even really tell you what I watched but I sure saw a bunch of pearly whites….what up with the teethes people?

This whole thing reminds me of the fake booby movement, all of a sudden everyone had bigger and bigger boobs…it was distracting and quite noticeable and now teeth are going by way of the boob, just what is really going on here? The whole thing got me thinking about content….I watched Swingers Saturday night and I have to say that is a well written, character driven, funny albeit Los Angeles centric movie. The guys in the film while not like those most of us know, are compelling, flashy in a way but real in another so they have some depth, some layers and end up being interesting. No one was stunning to look at, although I will admit that I think Vince Vaughn is a tall glass of hubba hubba but in that movie he was thin, kinda cheesy and it was his shtick that had me paying attention….the dude not the package.

I wracked my brain trying to think of another movie I have seen in the past few years that had real content, stuff I wanted to watch, people I was interested in figuring out and this is what I came up with:

Notes On A Scandal

The Upside Of Anger

American Beauty

Primary Colors, (okay that is going back a bit)

Remember The Titans


And………not that other movies have not entertained me, not saying that at all but I am talking about ones that kept me thinking about them…..I know I am missing a few here but cut me some slack I’m in the middle of a rant here.

The one thing all of those had in common? It was not the package that got you, it was the layers underneath….damn I love that, I think that kind of writing is much more interesting and frankly I think it is smarter…makes us use our heads a bit. The other thing….don’t remember anyone’s teeth or boobies, I remember the way I felt about those characters and their plight but giant white teeth were the last thing from my mind. So I’m just wondering, are we being distracted by shiny or inflated packages and not looking for any kind of texture?

Our little wine world is no different really, the wines that steal the show at tastings are always the ones with uber ripe fruit, heavy impressive bottles and gobs of mouth filling richness, (which is why I revolt every time a old world versus new world Pinot Noir tasting is suggested, it aint fair and it makes no sense…unless you want to taste a California Pinot Noir from the 80’s against one of my Burgundies from the 80’s it is so not happening) the flash is going to stand out…..but will it haunt you, will you continue to think about that wine for years and once the initial “wow” is gone what are you left with? Big white teeth, rock hard pumped up breasts and oaky extracted wines, all pleasant but deep and interesting beyond the first couple looks, touches and sniffs….(okay boys I know that the booby thing will last longer but they can’t be the end all be all….right?) not really….

I for one am sick of the dumbing down of our senses, I want smart people with regular crooked teeth and a personality or issues I really give a shit about in my movies, women that look and feel real and wines that have a story and layers of fascinating flavors, wines that tell you where they came from and get better with each year that you tuck them away in the cellar. My old world palate is rearing its head here but there are some truly amazing wines from the new world that are just as wonderful but would get spanked in blind tastings…..wines of texture, not perfect blobs of silky round fruit….wine, not just juice…..anyone else done with flash and ready for something that really moves you?

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