Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Start Messin' With Texas!!

Okay so one of my morning rituals is to hop online and check out The Wine Country’s Internet orders, just like to see what is moving online and what not….well of course I get all jazzed when I see an order for French wine but as of late my excitement has been replaced with trepidation. I hover my little mouse thingie over the, “customer information” button wearing a face that resembles that of someone about to get snapped with an outstretched rubber band. Any idea why? Freaking TEXAS!!!!

Texas sent the shop a letter earlier this year telling us that the only way we can legally sell wine to Texas is to buy it from a distributor in Texas…”Say what?How does that even make sense?” Well it doesn’t and it was their way of telling us that we could not ship there. The funny thing is the only reason people in Texas are trying to buy wine from us is because the wines they are looking for, (very often small production French wines) are not available in Texas! So frustrating for everyone….I can tell you from first-hand experience, those Texans get down-right riled up when you tell them they can’t have the wines they so desperately want. For me, well it pisses me off like no other….I love my little French wines, I want people to enjoy them, (no matter where they live) and when I watch a growing number of online French orders, (the fun little stuff…the “fancy” stuff moves all over the US) go unfilled because the order was to be shipped to Texas, well….let’s just say I am beyond pissed off.

Texas seems to pride itself on being almost like its own country, they are a very proud state, proud people and extremely patriotic…Well folks in Texas, what your state is doing is flat out Un-American! As long as the wine is being shipped to a consenting adult, which UPS makes sure of…hell they even charge us an extra $3.50 per package to ensure that there will be an adult signing for the wine, (they will not leave any of our packages on a stoop, or with a minor) so what is the problem? The only “problem” I can see is loss of revenue to Texas retailers and distributors…..and ya know what, they can fix that by bringing in some interesting wines of their own! Seems unbelievably lazy to me, “We won’t bring these small production wines into the state because no one wants them….but if they try and get them elsewhere we will make it illegal” so not fair….to anyone, well except the strong arming distributors!

So to the nation of Texas, might I suggest a coup?!

Funny story, just check my visitor map for this blog….no one in Texas…hahahahahaha! So what maybe someone that was not allowed to ship a gift of wine to a loved one in Texas will point out this injustice and get the ball rolling….fingers crossed.

Oh and off subject, California….the east coast and Europe is kicking your ass on reading this blog, (insert slightly stuffy sounding voice here) “Yes, I’m huge in Europe”….wink.

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