Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Helloooooo Gorgeous!

Okay so I have always had a thing for Will Smith…..well, not always, I was not into The Fresh Prince of Bel Air but ever since Bad Boys, (the scene of him running down the street, shirt open in jeans…rawr) I find him charming as all get out, his adoration for his family heartwarming and I can even over look the ears, or moreover find them cute when he gets that half cocked grin on his mug. I have never been into muscle men, just doesn’t ring my bell but looking at Will Smith with a tight long sleeved shirt laying across his broad shoulders, stretched slightly against his thick arms and settling upon his waist making his back look like a massive V in I am Legend….well my friends I was reduced to a stuttering teenager.

I liked the movie enough, pretty dark really and I am not a monster, scary screaming, guns kinda gal but I think they found a way of selling the character, you felt for him and he sold it by making the whole thing, (not gonna ruin yet another movie for you readers) human, sad and very lonely….aww poor hunky looking Will Smith. Oh and excuse me…..just when did all that grey hair come in???!! They may have just made him look all salt and pepper for the film, but can I just say, “damn”. Grrrrr so my weakness, just ask the hubby that knows full well my predilection for the ol’ salt and pepper, (poor guy has had it coming in for years but that damn dark hair keeps covering it…..I have even caught him rubbing the sides of his head trying to stimulate that grey) and he will tell you that his wife goes ga-ga over grey like no other. “Hotty McYoungster” no thanks….I like em seasoned.

Don’t know what it is and I am aware of how unfair it is that men get better looking as they get older, (to some of us…..Amy is NOT in on the older guy thing and more often than not when I make a comment about someone that I think is sexy as hell she will scrunch up her face and say, “Sam he’s OLD!”) and you rarely hear about a woman getting hotter the older she gets…although we are seeing the whole MILF thing so I guess that is something…..but I just can’t help it, I am a sucker for the “distinguished” look.

This concludes my teenage, “I heart so and so” post!

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