Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Word About "My" Photos

So the other day I decided to go over my old posts and make sure the pictures were still there, sometimes the links expire or whatever and there is just a small box with a tiny X where the photo used to be…hate that and thankfully is doesn’t happen too often but is does happen so once every couple months I go through and check…tedious as all get out. So there I was scanning older posts and BLAMO a big lion looking creature picture where another picture had been…and….there was some text as well, it said something like, “This site is trying to steal photos from Griffindorf, (or whatever dork squad)” it then went on the say, “Stealing Bandwidth is for losers”….really?

I get many comments on the pictures I put up with my posts and 98% of them, (Dim Sum Day and Sunday Dinner being the exception….couple of others too) are taken right from Google Images, they aren’t my photos….never said or meant to imply that they were. If there is any skill, (which I doubt that there is) involved it is finding pictures that punctuate my text and make things either funny or interesting for the reader. I have seen on other blogs where people say where they get their pictures, never thought to do that…mostly because I have no idea where they come from other than Google….plus is that not what Google Images is for….finding a picture of something?

Well apparently I have gotten someone’s tighty whiteys in a bunch! I removed the lion thing picture and replaced it with another photo, yup one “taken” from Google….take that Dork Squad…and food for thought, anyone that talks about Bandwidth and searches sites for “stolen” photos might want to rethink calling anyone a loser, I’m just sayin’.

So there you have it loyal readers, your blogger steals photos and the pocket protector police are hot on her case…….(insert eye rolling and “whatever” face here)

(Picture taken from davidtarleton.com I checked!)

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