Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thinking Of you....I Can't Stop Thinking Of You

Such a long day full of interaction, full of discovery and full of tiny distractions but the only thing I can think about, is you. I busy myself around the house, on the Internet and with little chores but I just cannot shake my thoughts of you. Even now I should be washing the days grit off my face and getting ready to call it a night but there is something inside me that wants to make this day, the day I met you last for as long as it possibly can, as if washing off the makeup I met you in will send the memories of this day, and you down the drain in a frothy, soap scented bubble…and I am not ready to let you go.

If I were thinking clearly I would be telling myself how wrong this feeling is, how we both belong to another but that thought, right now…..seems to make you even more desirable. When I saw you today I knew right away that you were not my type, I was dismissive about your presence and even found myself being glib about spending time with you and here I am hours later aching to be near you, what are you doing to me? It’s as if you have crept just beneath my skin leaving nothing but the memory of you like some affected patch that I cannot help but touch with the tips of my fingers. I know I shouldn’t touch it but I can’t help it and end up losing myself and my rational with each soft brush of skin against skin. I’m not sure how this happened but you have leaked your brilliance all over me….my head has been turned and I think, no I know there is no way for me stuff this longing deep enough for no one else to see.

Man, the way you smell, I can’t shake it, that smell your wild but pure smell that haunts me hours after I met you, the way I long to close my eyes and smell you again, and again, the way your smell touches something so deep inside me that I find myself now covered in goose bumps and breathing harder just thinking about it…..and you, we don’t belong together you and I, we don’t make sense but as wrong as this might be, I have to tell you, “I’m yours and will be for as long as you will let me be”.

Today will forever be the day that I first tasted the 2006 Zuazo Gaston Rioja, ($11.99) and the first time in a very long time that I was swayed or had my head turned by a red wine grown outside of France…..the beauty and purity of this wine is seared on my mind and my palate and will forever have a place on my tongue and my table. Sexy vibrant blue fruit with a shocking core of minerals and a long, sexy, smoked meat middle with a finish that seems to cascade and haunt you for hours…stunning wine that should wear a price tag twice its size……

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