Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Features On The Wine Country Website

So in an effort to keep costs low and continue to offer wines at the smallest margin possible and keep the lights on, pay the staff and offer exciting tastings and classes The Wine Country is cutting our mailers down to 5 a year rather than the monthly or bimonthly we have been doing for years. They are going to be seasonal newsletters and one holiday issue, it is something we toyed with last year, (by going bimonthly) and it seemed to work out fine with only a few people commenting on the fact that there were fewer mailers….makes us wonder how much we really needed those monthly mailers….the hours spent putting them together not to mention how much it cost to mail that chunky thing to over 10,000 people every month, so for the time being this is the way we are going to go.

Now I know there are many of you that really look forward to reading all our stories, various rants and hearing about the new releases of old favorites as well as what new gems we have stumbled upon and while there will be fewer notices in your mailbox we will be posting a lot more on our website and sending out emails so if you don’t use the website I would highly recommend you start and getting on the email list will assure that you don’t miss out on any fun new discoveries.

The first new feature was rolled out yesterday afternoon and is one I am pretty excited about, The Wine Country’s Weekly Recipe and Wine Pairing. Every week we will post a new tried and true recipe and pair it with a wine that we know from first-hand experience will pair beautifully. These are the things we make on a regular basis or recipes that knocked us out and the wines that just made the whole meal better. At first we are going to republish recipes that have run in the newsletter over the years mixed with things we have tried recently, they will change every week and you can find this feature on the left hand side of the home page right below the Events, Quality & Value feature. For our first recipe we ran with a salad that we all LOVE, make often and crave with a wine that might seem odd but we’ve tried it time and time again and it really is a stunning pairing!

Have fun in the kitchen and be sure to check the site each week for fun new things to try!

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