Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just How Early Is Too Early?

So today is my day off, (worked all weekend and don’t have another day off until Sunday) I’m still in my jammies….new ones I got for Christmas, love, love, love them although they are of the winter variety so a touch warm for this 80 degree weather we’re having…..I just went to the kitchen to deposit my coffee cup in the dishwasher and have a rummage around the fridge. Being the “shop everyday” people that we are there is always a chronic lack of food in the house, I’m a leftovers for lunch person and the work from home hubby likes unlocking himself from the living room desk to step out for lunch, so no lunch meat, frozen food, (neither of us like those anyway) no snacks of any kind. Oils, vinegars, cereal, (for the hubby…never touch the stuff, milk kinda grosses me out) boxed stocks, various sauces; fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy…things like that but no real food. In the freezer there are batteries, ice, box of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream cones (renamed Cones of Happiness by the hubby) don’t touch those either, first of all I’m not a sweet eater and secondly I think the hubby would start crying, various digestifs and ice packs for my wine bag.

The fridge is no better really, lots of condiments, a hunk of Parmesan, a log of Pancetta and a batch of my now famous blue cheese dressing, (the staff is addicted…I used to give jars of it at Christmas, now they just look at me all doe eyed and ask, “can you make me some dressing?”) that I made last night for our “Giant Salad” dinner. So unless I want a bowl of cereal sans cow juice tossed with blue cheese, butter and sprinkled with ice…I’m not eating. The one thing there is no shortage of is booze, we have Tequila many kinds, Gin, Bourbon and a cooler full wine sooo……just how early is too early to have a drink or a glass of wine?

Okay, so let’s keep in mind that I am off today, have no plans, am not driving…all that and I am grown so I can do what I want, is a drink or glass of wine for breakfast really bad? I think the fact that I even have to ask the question or worry about the way it might be seen says something about the way we view drinking. I know there are many that have problems with alcohol, I’m not in any way making light of that but I am talking about those of us that don’t, why is it frowned upon or even noticed when someone has a drink before 5pm? Does the fact that I am now sipping on an ice cold Gin & Tonic as my post coffee beverage say anything about my relationship with alcohol….what about the fact that I didn’t have one for breakfast yesterday nor will I tomorrow, you know because I have things to do.

I for one can tell you that I see absolutely nothing wrong with spending a day off savoring our favorite beverages, all of which for me, excluding water have some form of alcohol content…don’t drink sodas and the only time I consume juice is when it has either, Vodka, (Bloody Mary), Tequila, (Margaritas) or Champagne, (Mimosa) in it….and the resulting buzzy affect, just one more thing to enjoy if you ask me! Who knows, maybe what I love about spending an afternoon sipping away on wine or cocktails is the thumbing my nose at “what you are supposed to do”, never followed direction very well…..I’ve just always found that those who make the rules, and judge others for breaking them are;

A- Too interested in other people’s business

B- Somewhat self-righteous

C- Need a drink, sex or drugs more than most

Well my Gin & Tonic is gone now….time to check out the wine fridge!


Mother Hubbard

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