Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Final Debate

Final Debate

Okay so we had this-------

And we had this-------

I could not be happier with Barack's answers tonight....yeah answers...the things he gave to the questions that were asked of him. Rather than getting caught up in pointing fingers and doing the political side step he answered the questions, talked about what needed to be done......

I will be the first to admit that Barack is cool, he is smooth....and errr what was it articulate, or was it eloquence?! Not an easily ruffled cat...wonder why....maybe because he knows what the hell he is talking about and really feels that he can make a differance....makes me feel like I can too.

I respect everyone's right to voice their opinion no matter which party you belong to, just vote people....be involved, this is a really exciting time and we have the power....right now to make the changes we need to.

20 days.....can you believe it? I'm juiced up, full of hope and ready to cast my ballot. make my voice heard....hope you all do too.

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