Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Now What To Wear?

So this morning I am off to another trade tasting and as I sit here trying to wake up I am already freaking out about what to wear….these are by no means “fancy affairs”, but there are a few things to consider when picking the right outfit.

First of all the weather is a factor, I always get this one wrong, when it is 90 degrees I pick a sweater or a jacket and walk into the event to find that it is being held outside on a patio…hard to focus on wine when your face is melting and you have a steady stream of sweat rolling down your back.

Movement is another big issue, you will be standing in a crowd muscling your way up to the table, sometimes with just enough space to stick your empty glass between the arms of your fellow tasters, get your pour and shuffle off to spin, sniff and take notes in the notebook that is balanced in your bent arm.

Color is important as you don’t want to spill, get back splashed, (from spitting in the bucket….everyone’s “disposed” of tastes on your white shirt…blech) or bump into someone and end up with their Syrah on your beige shirt.

Many people show to these events in their work clothes, (often T-shirts and jeans for us retailers) but when I can I like to dress it up just a little to show the people that brought all this wine to taste, paid for the venue, bought snacks that I appreciate the effort. Now for me dressy is often a shirt and tie so it’s not like I go all glam or anything but I try just a bit harder…spend the extra 5 minutes.

Now as a female, (which used to be very rare at these events but now there are lots of us…hooray wine girls) the whole, cleavage or no cleavage thing is an issue….I’ll be the first to admit that the once or twice a year I show some I get a kick out of watching the guys try not to look….cracks me up…… is it mean that I find this funny? These are people that have been seeing me every week for years or see me multiple times a year and no issue but you put the ol’ boobies out and they are stammering and shifting their weight from foot to foot….trying desperately not to look. One friend told me, “It’s like looking at the sun, you know you shouldn’t do it but you can’t help it”.

So I now have two shirts lying on my bed, a high neck shirt and a full on booby shirt….doesn’t show that much but certainly gives a clear suggestion…..so which way to go….feeling a tad evil this morning…..(grin)

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