Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who Is Reading This Thing?!

Who Is Reading This Thing?!

I wake up each day and log into my blogger account, re-read posts….sometimes I have had a glass or two of wine while writing, (grin) so I like to make sure what sounded like it made sense to me the night before doesn’t sound loopy the following morning, and when my page pops up I see the number of hits…..Who is reading this thing?! I’m baffled, flattered but baffled.

At first I assumed it was the staff but I have since found out that they only read when I point out a specific post I think they may like, well except for Nancy, she has been loyally reading since I started blogging upon her request….she is awesome! I know it is NOT my husband as he grumbles and heavy sighs when I ask him to proof read something, (this is someone that is on me all the time to try and write a book…..why if my beloved life partner won’t even read it!) some of my reps read when I tell them I wrote about one of their wines…..who else is there?

The last couple of weeks I have run into customers who will lightly drop a, “I love your blog”…..must confess I love that and it keeps me writing, I’m just wondering who else is reading this silly thing. To all of you I say, “thank you” and “drop me a line…I wanna know who you are, what you would like to see more of….things like that”.

I do spend some time on other blogger’s sites and have noticed that a large chunk of comments they get are from….other bloggers, have I stumbled into a blogger bubble? I’m just so damn curious….so if you would like to contact me send an email to Samantha@thewinecountry I would love to hear from you!

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