Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jury Duty Day

Jury Duty Day

After calling in Friday evening, “You are not requested to appear” and Monday morning, “You are not requested to appear” I made the call yesterday morning from The Wine Country, “You are required to appear at 7:30 am Wednesday October 8th”…..Duuuuuude….jury duty and 7:30 in the morning? I fired off a mass email to all of my reps, (being that I am too laid back, (read lazy) to write down my appointments so I knew I was going to be standing a bunch of people up….the Wednesday before newsletter deadline is a BIG tasting day) apologizing to whomever I was stiffing on their tasting time and let myself simmer in my own pouty attitude.

This was the first time I had ever been called so as the day progressed I began feeling better about it, although I was secretly hoping I would be put on a drunk driving case so I could say something like, “That’s illegal? I do it all the time” to hear….”You are excused” I’m kidding of course…..but I did assume my profession might make me unsavory for such a case. Got home, watched the debates and answered all my, “aww poor you” emails from my reps, thanks guys!
I was to appear at the Santa Ana Courthouse so I had to get up extra early and find my way there….sigh……construction everywhere set me back about thirty minutes so I was a basket case…..”are they going to throw me in jail or punish me for being so late” was swimming around in my head as I swung into a parking spot, I grabbed my purse and headed for the stairs taking just one second to look back at my car….I was such a spaz I had parked between two spaces. Had to go back and re-park this time I had kicked it up to a gallop on my way to the stairs, I emerged from the parking garage with a sheen across my forehead and look of pure panic on my face. I stopped for one second….”Um….donde the courthouse?!” I could feel the veins in my neck pulsing, (people only think I’m cool….I’m really a big dork) yeah it was two blocks away from the parking area…argh!!!

“Pardon me, excuse me, pardon me” through the shuffling crowd and made my way through security and up to the third floor. I walked up to the little window feeling much like I did in the 4th grade when I had to walk to the teachers desk and tell her I didn’t do my homework…sheepish. “Clip on your badge and wait for your name to be called” that’s all they said….I was seeing visions of crushing stones with a mallet or at the very least a lecture but nadda…sweet.
So I sat, and sat….and, yeah sat, each time I was sure it had been an hour I allowed myself to glance at my watch only to be crushed to find that the big hand had only moved three clicks, “I might die” I muttered to my neighbor….ya know, don’t think she much cared for me…might have been my dewy glow of fresh sweat and sheer panic that had settled in such a way on my face that I just looked greasy and a tad dopey. “I’ll just grab a snack” I told myself and opted to not ask my new best friend to save my seat although there was part of me that relished in the idea of getting like Funyuns so I could crunch away and burp onion scented puffs of air at her….this is what happens when you lock a bunch of strangers together with nothing to do….or is it just me?

Grabbed a bag of Chex Mix, (stuff is straight from the devil I swear, can’t stop eating it) and found another seat. I was crunching away on my devil snacks when my name was finally called….”Oh Boy….SOMETHING” only to be told that I was being called but the court was not ready so I could take an early lunch…..seriously? I’ll spare you the two and a half hours of “lunchtime” whimper.

I reported to my area where they had all my fellow jurors waiting in the hall, it was hot and I think we were all getting cranky so I started a courtroom drama in my head. I scanned the crowd to look for potential characters for my made up movie; there was a young Asian girl texting away like crazy, she looked really grumpy so I cast her in the, “chick with an attitude” role. An older woman that had some, “work” done, was wearing this really loud coral colored get up, she was going to be my bleeding heart, artsy lady. Striking gentleman in his late forties with a shock of white hair and fierce blue eyes was going to be my “wild card” guy…don’t know if he is good or bad and I of course was going to be the jury foreman……I was losing it fast.

We are allowed into the courtroom only to be told, “This is going to be a very long trial, it looks like it will go through April 2009” I almost cried…..”If there is anyone that is unable to give this amount of time to this trial please raise your hand” I was the first one….my arm shot up so fast I feared my watch was going to fly off and cause someone bodily harm…it didn’t and good news…I was set free!!! I made my way home and rifled through my stock of wine to see what might put a spin on this waste of a day. Went through the usual suspects, Chidaine Touraine, Pelle Menatou-Salon, Veremonte Sauvignon Blanc….nothing was screaming my name. Just then I heard it….”Sam, I’m here….remember me, it’s your old friend Agrapart Mineral…” Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

The 2000 vintage of the Agrapart Mineral was our Champagne of the year last year and came very close to being Wine of the Year, (I’d still like a re-count) but I have to tell you….this 2002 Agrapart Mineral is just as good….if not better…slightly more haunting. Deep roasted nut aromas with flavors that remind me of salted caramel, butter, doughy bread and just a touch of lemon with a dry but really rich finish…..so freaking happy drinking this glass of Champagne after the day I just had. Hey, maybe we could all put aside our woes for as long as the bottle will last, get one…..get two! Just arrived at The Wine Country and for $61.99, (I know it sounds like a lot but think of what you spend in one night at like, Chili’s for dinner…..this is way better) it is giving me pleasure I would be willing to pay twice as much for.


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