Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ummmm Seriously People Lets All Get Out & Vote

Okay, I'm trying really hard to keep my political views out of this blog so all I'm going to say is...(shouting) "YOUR VOTE MATTERS"...ahhh that feels better. This is one of the most important elections we have been a part of...well in my lifetime, ever. Remember that the people who founded this amazing country of ours faught for our rights to religious freedom. Women, remember the bad ass chicks that faught for our right to vote. African-Americans channel the voices of all those that came before you and risked their lives for your right to vote.
People died, were beat up and stood up in the face of social banishment for what....so that every one of us had a voice in the political process and now there are some of us that think waiting in line is too much of a task....shamefull.

The election is 40 days from now, spend that time doing some research....that means looking outside your comfortable force fed daily news. Pick your issues, the things that affect you and your family....figure out which candidate shares your core values...not the values we are told we are supposed to have but the ones that may really touch you. We did the whole, "Guy I want to have a beer with" thing....how did that work out for us?

We are not picking a neighbor or a third couple for a dinner party, this is some serious shit we are dealing with here folks......the pundants are funny, the banter back and forth can give us a chuckle and I love that about the process but when the dust clears we are in serious need of a leader, a voice for us as a country......the rest of the world will be watching and waiting to hear the message we are trying to send.....is it really, "It takes too long" or "I was running late and didnt have the time"?

Voting is not like renewing your drivers license, it really is a privilege and one that was faught for with the tears, blood and lives of others....for us.....I am begging you all....make the time.
People who turn out to cast their ballot and fight for our constitutional rights are way cooler than those who don't and in my opinion.....sexy as hell!

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