Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Proud Mother's Text Message From The Kid At College

Sorry I have been absent the last…wow, has it been almost a week?! I was vacationing in Chicago with friends, visiting my other friend Mairin whom I met on my Kermit Lynch trip early this year and truth be told I was in a bit of a funk after hearing about Didier Dagueneau. Not sure why it hit me so hard but it did and it was a roller coaster of a vacation. I was lucky enough to run into a couple importers in Chicago and have a shot or two in the great man’s honor…helped a lot.

So we returned from Chi Town last evening feeling exhausted and feeling the need to eat healthy and stay away from the booze. I fell into bed at 1:00 am and around 4:00 am I had to resolve myself to the fact that a good night sleep was so not in my future, I think my body was detoxing from a long weekend of over indulgence! (I will post about the abundant food, wine and cocktails later) I crawled to my beloved perch aka the couch this morning and was a sloth all day. I checked my emails, played around on the Inter-webs and watched a No Reservations, (Anthony Bourdain’s show…roar I find him wickedly appealing) marathon, jumping up to unpack, unload the dishwasher….little tasks to keep me from feeling like a giant pile of lazy goo.

I had just returned to the couch and was about to lay down…you know being all exhausted from putting the clean coffee cups on the shelf when I got the text from Jeremy, (Da Baby on my caller id) “Mom, I really need cheese”. I had to laugh before I replied….I knew when this food privileged kid moved to Louisville Kentucky for school he was going to suffer a bit in the fine dining or higher-end goods department. We even had a discussion about it before he picked which college he was going to attend, “You are used to certain things that you may not be able to have for a while if you go out there” I told him, “I know Mom but I will get used to it” he assured me. Secretly I knew, just as he did that all he had to do was pick up his cell and text me, (Da Momma on his caller id) and I would send him out a care package…I’m such a sucker!

I replied with, “What you need kid-o” knowing full well that he was set on Parm because we sent him a quarter wheel for his birthday in July, he loves, loves loves it but even that starving student could not eat THAT much rich, crystal laden hard cheese. His reply….”I need some triple cream Brie of some kind, St Agur Blue or some other creamy blue, Comte, some other creamy cheeses. My French Culture teacher brought in some Brie today and it was wack so I need some good stuff”…..I was so proud! He also asked for some really good cured pork products, melted my heart, even muttered out loud, “That’s my boy”. He refuses to eat at Mc Donalds, (not because it’s cool to hate them, he has just never liked it) would rather cook something than settle for poor quality and is getting quite the reputation as being the, “Cooking guy” in their group. There was the one time when he was living in the dorms and made, “Sunday Gravy” (red sauce with sausage and pork butt simmered for hours) and an underestimation on just how hot the pan was before he threw in a bunch of garlic….tons of smoke, alarms, fire department and evacuation of the dorm but other than that he is quite the man in the whole food department out there.

A care package will be on its way to Louisville this week to appease the child’s deprived, starving student palate and there is one really proud Mom waiting for the, “Da Baby” text with a, “Got it Da Momma, thanks so much”….he melts me!

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