Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh No Anything But This

When I walked out the sliding doors at the Houston airport I felt my clothes instantly cling to my body, every skin cell began producing oil....I swear I could feel my face breaking out and I felt like I was trying to breathe through a warm damp towel, "Welcome to the Gulf Cost" my husband grinned. He has spent many a layover in Houston so he was getting a chuckle at my clear discomfort, this Southern California girl cannot handle the humid...I was whimpering and down right damp. I am one of those vile smokers and I had just been crammed into a tiny seat for hours on a flight from Louisville so this layover was my last chance to defile my lungs for another 5 hours, so there we stood with the other addicted huffing away, which by the way seems to take twice as long when you are breathing through a warm, wet towel!
When I felt like I could not stand it any more I snuffed out my cigarette and practically galloped through the sliding door and into the now freezing Houston airport. By now my clothes were pretty soggy and the combination of wet clothes and frigid air is well, pretty icky. As we waited to go through security I felt a little shiver and thought, "Man, this is how people get sick on planes".....I tempted him and he entered, "Well hello fate".

I woke the next morning with a very sore throat but chalked it up to having my beloved bedroom fan blowing on my mug all night long. By the end of the day things had not gotten worse so I was in the clear....the next day I felt, "Meh" and by day four my body was limp, my head was in some invisible vice grip and one of my nostrils was compacted, nothing in, (I snuffed all day) and nothing out, (I blew until my ears popped). I nodded in and out all evening long and I woke to find it was...Gasp...9:00 pm I knew it was time for the, "Magic juice" aka NyQuil, I was out in a matter of minutes. I woke the next morning feeling, "Yea a little bit worse" but had the day off so spent it resting, went to bed a reasonable hour...for me, so like 12 something in the am and woke at 4:00 am feeling rather like warmed over poo.

I knew I had to work today as we are a touch light in the staff department right now so I hosed my crusty self off and dragged myself to work....then it hit me....the worst! I had tasting appointments all day!!! "Oh no anything but this!" my coffee tasted like, "warm" today how the hell was I going to taste wine? I could see my tasting notes, "wet", "wet and cold", "wet, cold and a little burny on my throat"..not good. Getting a cold is the worst for us, we cant taste or on the off chance that we can, our taste cant be trusted. For people that use their nose and their tongue day in and day out a cold of the magnitude I have can put us out for weeks.

I was so embarrassed but I had to either cancel my appointments as they walked in, because I am all cool and junk and don't write them down or I threw poor Ronnie, (first day back from vacation) and Randy, (already late for another appointment) at them. I could kind of smell things this morning but my palate was as sharp as a spoon and I just could not buy wine and stand behind it with my face all gimpy. So wish me luck...and for those of you that trust my palate..wish us both luck for a speedy recovery!

Here is to hoping I haven't forgotten any appointments tomorrow, if I did, "Sorry Ronnie".

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