Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not Enough Hours In A Day!!

I've been meaning to post a few new stories for this blog but as it turns out my life got in the way. After my bout of yuck with that terrible cold, (which had my palate "off" for a few days...even when I felt better I could tell my ability to taste was still questionable) I had deadline for The Wine Country newsletter, so I had to write about Champagne, Burgundy and Touraine. The articles turned out fine although I was censored for the first time....we are trying to "tighten" up the newsletter, make it more informative which means less space for "fluff" or funny, kind of a bummer for me but I will be posting here so at least I have an outlet...and those of you that seem to enjoy my, "style" of articles need just look here. This is also a great time to thank all of you that go out of your way to call, write and approach me with all the kind words, support and encouragement, the past year I have heard more wonderful things from all of you about my writing then I could have ever thought possible.....truly humbling.

So after newsletter my wonderful son Jeremy came home for a second visit this summer. He and his roommate Luke drove all the way out from Louisville, (Jeremy's car needed a smog check and after finding out that switching his registration to Kentucky would increase his insurance $60.00 more a month, a road trip was in order) stopping only to eat, sleep and get a speeding ticket. Oh to be 19 again, well not really....when I was 19 I had a 1 year old! This was Luke's first visit to California so we had to cram a bunch of stuff into too few days. Jeremy took him to the beach one afternoon and to a friends bonfire one night and we took him to Joe Josts, a Long Beach institution for a "special", (hot dog sandwich on rye with a pickle, white cheese and mustard) and pickled eggs. To Luke's credit he tried to eat the egg, he held it and took a giant bite, (maybe not the best move) I watched him chew, kind of blink aggressively and reach for his Coke...more chewing and more guzzling of Coke, poor thing. I took pity on him and said, "If you find it truly vile you don't have to finish it" by the time I finished my sentence a half eaten egg was nestled among the discarded peanut shells. We hit LA one afternoon Amoeba Records and the 3rd and Fairfax Farmer's Market for yummy tacos, chips, salsa and some super spicy pork dish...would not be a trip to California without Mexican food right?

The boys head out today for the long drive back, seems like they just got here, I will miss Jeremy like crazy and Luke was a very pleasant house guest but there is something to be said about getting back to normal...its amazing all the little things you have to think about when you have guests, always worth it but I'm ready for some down time. Alas no down time for me as Amy and I are off to a Champagne tasting this afternoon at Beacon restaurant in Culver City, aww poor me right? An afternoon of Amy and Champagne should give me enough material for another post, that or a blinding headache and the, "I'll never drink that much again" speech. I for one am keeping my fingers crossed that it is scenario "a".

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