Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Finally Coming

I first noticed it Thursday night when we were running out the door to meet a friend for dinner, not only was I not sweaty but there was a snap to the evening air, I took notice but the thought was slowly washed from my mind after two Margaritas, a pound of chips and a pint of salsa. Friday I spent most of the day stewing about the small turnout for my Champagne class so I barely noticed that it was breezy out and it was down- right cool in my apartment or that when I took the straight iron to the hairs around my neck that the, “Summer Sizzle” (sound the flat iron makes when it hits the under part of my hair that is sweaty/wet) was gone. It wasn’t until my just after midnight drive home from the,” post Champagne class get together” when I had to turn off the fan in my car for the first time in months, then it hit me…….it’s coming.

Did my usual evening routine, washed my face, poured myself a glass of wine, changed into my jammies and wedged myself into my favorite corner of the couch to chat with my hubby. We talked about how much fun we had at the class, how cool everyone was and as I sat there in my summer jammies, (short sleeves) and noticed….my arms were chilly and I still had my socks on….the first thing to be ripped off upon my arrival home during the summer….I had changed out of my work clothes but without my even noticing I had left the socks on….my feets weren’t sweaty or feeling suffocated…..they were comfortable.

The hubby went off to bed while I finished unwinding from the evening…..I am not a good sleeper, I was that little kid that would pinch herself to stay awake because I was afraid I would miss something….nothing has changed much except rather than pinch myself I just say, “I’m grown and I don’t have to go to bed” ….which is why I am always tired….I know, it’s not rational but it’s just me.

Finally gave in that nothing else cool was going to happen for the night and headed off to bed, brushed my teeth, did the whole swish swish with the mouthwash and spun around to see my hubby sound asleep, snuggled under……a blanket….a blanket!! (Insert harp music here) There spread atop the only acceptable summer covering, the sheet was a warm, cozy, snuggle inducing blanket….(wiping the tears from my eyes) it was a glorious moment, a thing of beauty. I climbed into bed, got comfy and woke 5 hours later to the alarm….had not moved all night long. Last night while watching television I pulled out the little throw to cover my legs and this morning I was met by a blast of cool air when I slid open my front room windows….fall is coming my friends and can I just say, FINALLY.

I drives people nuts when I complain about summer but I hate it, I’m not a beach person despite the fact that I was born and raised here in Southern California, the clothes of summer are not suited to my plump frame, (so I’m always too hot) and to sweat just sitting pisses me off like no other. I’m often met with, (after my incessant whining) “Why do you live here then” and I have two very clear answers to that;

1) This is my home jackass

2) Winter, beautiful mild winters!

Fall and winter are my favorite, I love the way the air feels, the smell of a fire, (not a brush fire like in the stoopid summer) the cozy foods being cooked in the oven that has been off all summer and damn it busty girls like myself look wicked good in sweaters….this is our time to shine…..hey tiny girls, we had to go all summer long being ignored while people ogled your long bare legs, tiny tees, bathing suit clad bodies….I’m not hating, good for you, you work hard to look great and I give you your summer but fall and winter….sweater clad curvy girls get their due….soft, round and fleshy looks icky in the summer but when the cooler months are upon us those cushy curves look warm, cozy and down-right cuddly….hooray!

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