Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Distracted.....& My Nodes Ids Stuffy!

Distracted.....& My Nodes Ids Stuffy!

“Hiyo Sham…..hiyo Sham. What doing? I color” I can just make out his shape and the white blonde top of his cute little head, it’s my adorable neighbor across the way smashed up against his screen door trying to talk to me. His voice slays me, it is not deep but comes from deep down in his belly and carries across the small patch of grass that separates our two open doors and lands on my ears, (not to mention melts my heart) distracting me from the things I should be doing. I get close to my screen, wave and yell back, “Hi Tyler….are you coloring?” to which he runs away from the screen….”cool now I can get back to work” I think….until he decides that this is a fun game, he says something I can barely understand in the cutest voice ever, I yell back, he laughs and runs away. I find myself giggling away and rather liking the game myself but know I have to finish my articles and get them to Randy for the newsletter….deadline is tomorrow and I already screwed up by leaving all my tasting notes at the shop, so the best I can do today is write the meat of the articles and I will finish the write-ups when I get to work tomorrow.

Tyler gets lost in some other game….he is like 2 so it is expected that his attention span is teeny but just what the hell is my excuse?! I hunker down in front of my laptop….nuttin…I got nuttin, so I bounce onto my blog and re-read my last post in an attempt to get my creative juices flowing….nope didn’t help. “Well maybe I’m hungry” I say and get up to make myself a scrambled egg talking to myself the whole time, “You will cook and eat your egg, have a cigarette and then get right back to work. It’s a perfect day, the hubby is gone and the place is quiet…other than Tyler so it will be easy” I finish my breakfast and sit down in front of the blank Word document again….that’s when the sneezing starts.

The dry winds yesterday got my allergies, (which I never had when I was younger by the way….I think this is karma for making fun of those wheezy kids) going and the thick layer of ash and soot from the fires yesterday that settled on every surface in my house has not helped in the least. I get up blow my nose and wipe down the area around me hoping that will help stop the sneezing….settled again in front of the laptop and it starts….Brrrrr…..Brrrrr, freaking gardeners! Are you kidding me?!

I slouch back on the couch, sneezing, eyes watering while the little dude with the air blower blows the grit off my front stoop….and right into my open screen door. Sigh. They finish mowing the little patch of grass and the air blower guy takes off to torture someone else. I grab my box of tissues and move my laptop from the living room table to my husband’s desk, plenty of room, proper chair, (not hunched over with my elbows digging into the tops of my thighs) and not facing the television…perfect, now I can just sit here and gaze out the open window….the open window that faces….yeah, faces Tyler’s apartment.

“Hiyo Sham….what doing”……cannot stop laughing now, my shoulders are shaking, my sides are beginning to ache and that’s when I hear from the screen one door down, “Tywer?….Tywer?”…it’s the cross-eyed kid! I break out into full cackle now, I have to stand up because my sides are splitting and I am laughing so hard I began to choke….the diapered duo trapped behind their prison walls, better known as screens yelling back and forth to one another and at me….wheeze, choke, tears, sides splitting.

Oh man….sigh….(laughing)…..back to work!

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