Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Rose Mountain....It's Becoming More of a Mole Hill

Don't go thinking about blaming me, I drink loads of Rose all summer but I did not single handedly go through over 400 cases in 3 months...my consumption was a mere scratch on the mountains surface. People have been coming in everyday asking, "Are you guys getting more Rose or is this it?" I can sense the panic in their tone..."be afraid, be very afraid" I tell them. "What you see there, well that is pretty much it. Get in there my fellow Pink devotees because the mountain is becoming a mole hill". I am beginning to sound like an infomercial, "Act now, don't delay, get yours before they are all gone" I don't intend to regurgitate cheesy QVC phrases but the urgency in my voice....it's the real deal folks! They are going away and they are going away real fast.

We had our "Rose Fest Part 2" on Saturday and 89 people turned out to sample the last of the season, that and eat insane amounts of Dale's amazing aioli....just saying, "you all stank". Nothing like standing in a room with 89 people ingesting gargantuan amounts of garlic mayo, all of them asking me questions about this wine and that....my eyelashes were melting. I am kidding of course; I love the smell of garlic so your "aroma" was just fine by me. The thing that was freaking me out was how quickly the cases were flying out the door! Don't misunderstand me, I get a thrill like no other watching people covet the wines they sampled at our tastings and selling wine is my job.....getting to watch people gleefully gobble up wines as part of my job, well shit howdy that is just one fine day for me! My only concern is for the "late bloomers", the people that have been slow to procure their summer allotment, often slow or late to bloom myself I have a soft spot...sue me! So that is why I felt the need to post this, imagine me on the top of the mountain ringing a bell...."LAST CALL ON ROSE FOLKS".

No joke

No lie....ahem...act now, hurry before they are all gone.

So for those of you that missed the Part 2 of our now famous Rose tastings, first of all you missed some of the best lamb you would have ever had! Dale outdid herself and it was absolutely perfect, when asked for her secret, "salt and pepper". Damn she is good!

Below you will find a list with tasting notes of the wines we featured, three of which sold out in 3 hours....I'll spare you the notes on those, I think their lack of making it through the afternoon speaks volumes about how tasty they were. The others went from like fifteen cases to five so don't go thinking they were in anyway less tasty, we just had more of them!

2007 Von Schleintz Pinot Noir Rose ($9.99)......6 cases...gone.

2007 Domaine de la Fouquette Cotes de Provence Rose ($14.99)...4 cases...gone.

2007 Commanderie de Peyrassol Cotes de Provence Rose ($15.99) we went from 8 cases to 4 that day. Delicate melon flavors, pale color, tons of dry minerals and a clean but refreshing finish.

2007 Firesteed Pinot Noir Rose ($14.99) Very pretty Pinot Noir flavors, tart cherry, some smoky earthy notes with a light mouth feel and a long cherry rich finish.

2007 Scherrer Explorations Rose ($12.99) Made from Pinot Noir and Rose this was either a hit or a miss on Saturday. Spicy, light and quite fruity with a delicate finish.

2007 Solo Rosa Rose ($14.99) Made from mostly Sangiovese with a touch of Syrah this was one of the fuller wines in the tasting...really dry but round and sexy in the mouth.

2007 Mourgues du Gres Costieres de Nimes Rose ($14.99)....gone.

2007 Columa Arribes Rose ($9.99) Giant hit, went through like 5 cases. Ripe, dark red fruit in the mouth with a full weighty mouth feel and a bright clean ending.

2007 Falset Montsant Rose ($9.99) The closest thing to red wine on the table. Ripe and rich in the mouth with tons of meaty flavors and a long red wine like finish.

2007 Valleclaro Valles de Benavente Rose ($12.99) This is where things started getting really fruity! Very ripe berry fruit with little bits of spice and a crsip but slightly fruity finish.

2007 Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie Vin de Pays D'Oc Rose ($13.99) Now were are getting into some sweeter styled wine. Great with super spicy food this sweet upfront Rose is loaded with dark cherry, supple in the mouth with a long very fruity finish...add some spice and you have a great palate cooler!

The end of the day we were full of empty wine bottles, empty case stacks, garlic oozing, lamb chomping customers and at the beginning of our Rose shortage....don't delay!

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