Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Rose People...Use A Better Closure

I understand all the passionate musings about the ceromony of pulling a cork from a bottle of wine, trust me the romanticism of the whole thing is not lost on me. If I were to pull a bottle of say, 1976 Domaine de Montille Volnay Mitans from my cellar part of my euphoria would be feeling a cork that had been nestled into the neck of that bottle for 32 years, give and surrender to my wishes...it's sexy, it's powerful and I for one would not want it any other way. The twisting of a cap just cannot give one the same sence of dominance, romance and grandure, but it may give some of us just a tiny bit of security...not sure the exchange is worth it. I'm still on the fence with the whole getting rid of corks for good thing. I get that a bad bottle of wine, (one that has been tainted by cork) is a wretched thing....I am highly sensitive to corked wine and even the slightest bit of taint will render a wine "un-drinkable" for me, but I am sadly still in love with the burrowing of the corkscrew into the, (hopefully) still saturated cork, feeling the muscles in my forearms pulse as my wrists drive that twisty piece of metal into the bottle, and using my strength to pull the cork, freeing the liquid that is about to give me, (fingers crossed) sublime pleasure. I'm in, I get it and I love it but.....

Dude Rose?! Throw a screw cap or synthetic cork in those mother f-ers! There is nothing worse than when I buy a new Rose and slip off the foil to find....a real cork, "Damn it!" it might be tainted and the mere thought of that has already shifted my damn mood. I love Rose as much if not more than the next guy but lets be serious, these wines arent...well, serious. They are made to be drunk, quaffed, guzzled and playfully sucked up, so why the need for the "real" cork? So switching over to Stelvin or twist off caps is quite expensive, it requires different bottles, machines and what have you but plastic or synthetics corks, why not?!
Winemakers, decision makers, marketing folks we implore you, if it is pink and meant to be consumed in a year....put a better closure in it, give us piece of mind...we will find pleasure in the pounding of un-tainted pink goodness.

Thank you,
Drinker of Un-Tainted Pink Stuff

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