Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hot Guys Drink White Wine

Real Men Drink White Wine
I was just watching Primal Fear, (great movie by the way) and I was watching Richard Gere drink a glass of white wine in a bar, okay I will admit to being a massive sucker for the whole salt and pepper hair thing but this….rawr, salt and pepper with a cold glass of white wine…hubba hubba. I was captivated and wished I was in that bar…with that guy.

We recently had an Intro to White Wine class at The Wine Country and were amazed by how many people showed up, it was a full house! After years of hearing things like, “real wine is red” or “let’s move on to some real wine” meaning red I was beyond thrilled that we had 26 people signed up to learn about white wine. I am a self professed white wine lover and the more wine I drink the more my palate longs for white. I tend to find red wine too…well, just too satiating. As someone that loves to sip away on a glass of wine all night long, (well…more than one glass but you know what I mean) I find that red wine is too clunky, too full and it just can’t seem to keep up with me. When I take a sip of wine and the remnants from my last sip are hindering my pleasure from this new sip…..not cool at all, and just for the record I would throw Viogner and Gewurztraminer into the same group…..kind of like a gorgeous stranger that is not too bright, fascinating for a minute but after awhile…damn, I end up longing for something zingy.

As the attendees began to show for the tasting we noticed something….all women, well 25 of the 26 people that showed up to learn about white wine were female. Donde the dudes amigos? Just on a pig-maleian level….that class was packed with chicks all drinking wine, the smart guy was the ONE that showed up but on a more serious level I think men need to start looking at drinking white wine like they look at wearing pink, makes you more manly, comfortable in your maleness…as a female I can assure you that I find a guy sipping on a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc way sexier than a, “Me Male Me Drink Red” Neanderthal! If you genuinely prefer red wine that is one thing but if you think white wine is for girls or beginners…..lame….unenlightened and lame. Don’t even get me started on all the very serious wines you are missing out on.

The more people in the wine business I spend time with the more I find that they too are reaching for white wine more often than red….now some of that may be because we live in Southern California and our cuisine is better suited to white wine…lots of veggies, ethnic food, plenty of citrus….warm here so not too much time for braising or super hearty fare….that could be it…or….the more white wine we are exposed to the more relevant they become.

White wine does not equal Chardonnay, seems like there are so many people out there that think white=Chardonnay….well, some of the most expensive, sought after white wines in the world, (Burgundy and California) are made from Chardonnay but seriously there are some amazingly diverse wines out there made from Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris….not to mention funky little blends from Rhone or Provence……we have much to teach you gentlemen.

Boys, tell all your friends that the hottest thing in wine right now, (as told to you by a wine professional) is white. Go all metro, fear not the red wine dogma….those in the know will think you are ahead of the curve….order up a bottle of white wine and marinate in your ultra coolness.

Things to start with:
Cotes du Rhone Blanc
Feel free to email me with any questions or recommendations…..samantha@thewinecountry.com

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