Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello Yummy Little White Wine...

So I walked into the back room today and Dale was entering a new wine into our point of sale system, it had a cool looking label, curious I grabbed the bottle and was first shocked to see that beneath the dark colored glass there lie a white wine, (Albarino) and then upon flipping to the back to find that it was a Beaune Imports wine. Now I pride myself on being a Beaune devotee, I know the book really well, I drink those wines all the time….might even be able to pick some of them out of a blind tasting and Chuck, (our sales rep) is always very good at keeping me up to speed by dropping by with whatever he has open to taste me on….so what gives?!

Most of the wines in the Beaune Imports book are French, (hence my being so familiar) but they also import some really fantastic Spanish wines that I also drink fairly often….especially when I know about them. I felt out of the loop and had to admit that while an “aficionado” of the portfolio I didn’t know everything…dammit. Shaking off my, “how could they not tell me about this” feeling I asked Ronnie, (our Spanish buyer) to chuck one in the cold box for me to take home for dinner tonight…..I’ll show you outta the loop….humpf!

When I got home the wine was not quite cold enough so while I yanked off my shoes and socks, walked down the hall pulling my, “been worked in all day” shirt over my head, hitting the light fixture like I do every time I try and go all striptease in the hallway reminding me of how not sexy and glamorous I am, the wine was snuggled away in my fridge. Emerging from the bedroom in a crisp white t-shirt I checked the temp, “no, not cool enough” so I splooshed some Veremonte Sauvignon Blanc…left over from night before last…into my glass. Very refreshing, light, tangy and a great way to scrape the workday dust from my palate.

The apartment was quiet, the hot hubby was swinging his sticks over at the driving range and the only noise was two neighbor kids, ages like 2 and 2 ½ standing on my stoop with their cute little faces pressed against my screen….well one cute little face, the other is, how should I say…less lucky, but kids are kids so cute in their own way. Not sure why they visit me, not really a “kid” person but for some reason these two are doing their damndest so win me over. The little crossed eyed one has been a visitor to my stoop for quite some time now, he stands there and grunts at me and I find myself chuckling. The other one blows me kisses every time he sees me…dude…blonde hair, giant blue eyes, big silly grin and he is blowing me kisses…all I’m saying is, the ice caps, they are melting. So afraid one of my, “don’t talk to her she is scary” neighbors is going to catch me getting all squishy over the diapered duo.

I got down on my knees and chatted with the barely legible intruders whose mother’s quickly came and collected them, “Don’t bother her, she just got home from work” which assured me that my “mean looking chick” rep might still be intact. Scoop them up, apologize and order them to say bye to which the two little ones chimed, “Bye Sam”….oh my gawd, they know my name…melting.

I finished the glass of Veremonte and knew it was time to introduce myself to the new little white wine in the cool looking package. The giant 7 that is shaped somewhat like a question mark on the label had me, you know, asking questions but the back label let me know that the 7 was for the 7 brothers involved in the making of the wine, “good to know” I told myself but lets get to tasting!

On the nose the wine is really floral, some stone fruit and you can even smell how nervy the acids are…felt slightly like sniffing a semi-flattened lemon lime soda…..but way better. First sip I thought the wine might be a touch too rich for my mood tonight, seemed honey heavy up front but fear not, here comes the citrus and really sharp acidity to bring the whole thing back in perfect balance….so yea, yum!! I love the way the wine spills across your tongue feeling kinda full and heavy but by the time it reaches the back of your palate the acidity makes your mouth all tingly…like honeysuckle Pop Rocks!

Doing my, “Dance with my inner wine monster” thing with it right now…should not have one more glass….but man, it tastes so good…..gotta work tomorrow…..tingly. My money is on the wine.

2007 Carballal 7 Sete Cepas Albarino $.....ready for this, 12.99!! Yea, Yea, Hooray….so getting more of this…gonna drink it all the time. Welcome to my weekly cycle of yummy little white wines little one.

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