Thursday, May 21, 2009

So...Um, You Tired Of Rose Yet?!

I fear that I may become the blogosphere equivalent of a Rose pimp but I tasted two today that so stood out, I just felt compelled to tell anyone, that was still listening, about them. Now most of the Roses I have been writing about have been soft, gentle and infinitely glug-able, and I love them for that, but these wines today literally stopped me in my tracks and found me grabbing that area right below the jaw…kinda between the jaw and the ears, that is highly sensitive to tang. …as a biter…I like being bitten back…rawr.

The first wine I tasted late this afternoon just as we were getting ready to start our commuter tasting, I was rushed and a tad annoyed that the salesman had shown up so late. I grabbed my notebook and ushered the rep into the tasting room, no time for seats as our tasting was only 15 minutes from getting underway. I flipped open my book and buried my nose in the glass, my mood went from slightly pissy to, “Oh, oh, whut dis iz?”

2008 Bastide Blanche Bandol Rose, ($18.99) Now while I was geeking out about the baked clay like aromatics I heard our domestic buyer Bennett say, “Wow, this is pretty earthy” where I thought that was a sexy thing that made the wine different than the rest we carry he found that stark soil like aroma a bit off putting, aint wine grand? On the palate the wine was plush and packed with a flavor that reminded me of the way baked clay smells, just minerals with a smack…or bite I should say, of brightening lime rind. The zing from the acid went right to that jaw/ear area…when a wine can physically make you feel something…makes the hairs on the back of my neck go all wiggy and keeps that wine in the forefront of my mind. Maybe not the depth of Tempier, (most renowned Rose of the region…or most renowned Rose ever is more like it) but at about half the price…I’m just sayin’.

The second wine was a sample after-the-fact. There are certain wines that get a pass of sorts with me, these are wines that I carry year in and year out and they have yet to make me question their place on the shelf. That being said, I order new vintages in one case first, then decide from there how much more to bring in. One of those wines arrived this evening…

2008 Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet Bourgogne Rose, ($19.99) Chuck Morris, my rep for Beaune Imports was in this afternoon and told me, “The new vintage of Chateau de Puligny Rose is in, take a bottle home with you tonight and I will replace it” never one to pass on a bottle of a long time favorite, I tossed a bottle in the fridge and waited until Amy arrived to open it. Again Bennett was there to add his opinion, “Tastes a little thin this year” he commented….dude, dude…it’s not thin, it is a reflection of the vintage. I dug the hell out of it, the wine is full of green freshness, like watermelon rind, just not quite yet ripe raspberries and tart cranberry. My palate was racing from the first sip and I found it damn near impossible to put my glass down. The finish is long but in a tangy way and the acidity is damn near perfect. With all the fluffy, softly fruited Roses to choose from, this is another stand out wine for those of us that love a little…bite.


Nancy Deprez said...

Yes, 2008 in Germany is also like that, colder I think. I still like it, in all its difference from previous vintages. I love to vive la difference in the vintages!!! Cooler vintages, great, more zing, more acid, warmer vintages, great, more ripe fruit. Bring it on! I love to love a region, an estate, the people, year in and year out. I'm so there with you (and Randy!!!)

Nancy Deprez said...

I'm off to experience Paso this weekend and taste wine. Hopefully I will not be dismissive and write wines off as Too alcoholic, too sweet, too this too that. I will enjoy and experience. And Jim Witt will be taking us for a vineyard ride, yay! And Bennett pointed us to Tablas Creek so also will be looking forward to a tour and will report.

Samantha Dugan said...

Agreed! A wine just like people should be appreciated EACH year, not just in the good if they are the same year in and year out, why not just drink cocktails or milk?!

Have fun in Paso my dear, I had a blast when Call-o and I went, cannot wait to hear what you think of the wines. Cool that Bennett hooked you up, I worried that it may look like I was picking on his palate, so not true...just pointing out how there is something for every palate and he and I are pretty far apart on the palate scale. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Michael Hughes said...

No. No I'm not sick of rose yet. Bring it.