Friday, May 15, 2009

The Only Thing That Made THAT Better

All day, I was waiting all day to watch the Lakers end this already, after Tuesday I thought it was done, they just had to close in Houston. Yeah, not so much, horrible...what a horrible game. The Lakers sucked, Houston was on fire AND, Kobe Bryant was not fouled in the second or third quarter?! C'mon, I gotta call bullshit on that. That being said, Kobe...if you are not getting calls, stop trying to draw a foul from the 3 point line okay?! Poopie.

So I sat there in pain, once again watching MY team get punked, only one thing made me feel better....well 4 one things.

2008 Chateau Mas Neuf Costieres de Nimes Rose, ($10.99) lovely dark pink color, dark berry fruit with a medium weight and a super gulpable, friendly finish.

2008 Chateau la Canorgue Cotes du Luberon Rose, ($15.99) best vintage ever from this favorite estate. Light, just barely pink color, lean, super mineraly and that kind of tart that leaves your mouth watering...damn.

2008 Domaine de la Fouquette Cotes de Provence Rose, ($13.99) another faintly pink wine with massive flavor! Watermelon and wild strawberry, black pepper and wet cement, easy to love and even easier to drink.

2008 Domaine Vissoux Beaujolais Rose, ($12.99) okay this wine looks as refreshing as it is, the frosted bottle just looks like the wine is icy cold and waiting to refresh you! Quite dry, tons of clay and soil mixed with tart red cherries on the nose. The palate is light, quite lean and uber dry...not what one might expect from a Gamay Rose...really very tasty!


K Claret said...


Sorry that your lakers are dragging the series on and causing fan frustration. The Capitals here in DC totally let us down the other night so I hope the lakers don't end up doing the same. The roses souns great!! Maybe this is a good sign for the 08 reds from the rhone and sw france. I don't think I had a bad 07 rose and so far all the 07 reds I have tasted(grand veneur, brunel, mordoree, charvin, etc) have been stunning. I will be looking for these roses here in the DC area. Cheers!

John M. Kelly said...

I'm TORN. Family is from LA (lotta Laker love) but grew up in Houston (I know - poor me) and have a bunch of friends who are rooting for them. One thing we can all agree on - Rosé.

Benito said...

So just how many different dry rosés are there at The Wine Country? Once again, my offer to do chores and sleep in the back of the shop stands. I don't mind the cold.

Samantha Dugan said...

That game blew...crushing. Worst part is the next game is Sunday and I will be on a plane to Louisville...argh!! I think I might just be able to catch the last quarter...keep your fingers crossed for me. I just tasted the 07 Grand Veneur Cotes du Rhone last week, I'm writing an article on Rhone for our store much as I hate to agree with Parker, 2007 in the Rhone, pretty freaking tasty stuff.

Screw Houston...hehehe just kidding. If the Lakers play on Sunday the way they did last night...well then Houston deserves to wine! Denver is gonna kill em though.

I had to go around and count, as of right now, (not including sparkling) we have 37 dry Roses in stock. That is about half of what we will have at the height of summer. Not to toot our own horn but we are kind of The Kings of Rose, sold over 700 cases last summer and on target to do that or more this year. We have been pounding the drum for Rose from the time Randy opened the doors, (14 years ago) and have gained quite the following because of it....kinda funny, it's nice that everyone is getting on board but part of me is like, "Hey we were first!". Whatever I'm just thrilled that people have come to love those yummy pink wines.