Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Of all the useless crap I have ever the hell does this thing even make sense?! Just what the hell is going to happen when you go to take a sip of your wine...don't know about you but the idea of having food in my eyebrows aint all that appealling. Not to mention it just looks so stupid....I'm sure it will be all the rage for awhile, just like those lame charms that left everyone saying, "was I the green grape cluster or were you?", yeah...gonna have to throw this into the VETO pile.


Benito said...

I always thought those little trays with the hole in them for the wine glass were a little ridiculous, but this takes the cake.

That ad is also a pretty blatant Photoshop job. There's no refraction in the view through the bottom of the Champagne flute--instead, that portion of the glass was just made semi-transparent.

Now, market this towards tea party sets for six-year-old girls and you can make a fortune.

Samantha Dugan said...

A woman came in today looking for these, she ahd seen them on like, the Today show or Good Morning LA or something. She kept describing them and I thought she had to be mistaken, why would one need/want such a thing...the second she left I Googled the company she said made them and....there ya go. That picture was on the company's website!
I swear I don't know if I will be able contain myself the first time I see one of these in person, you can bet yer ass someone will show up at a tasting with one...dude.

Benito said...

If I can paraphrase the late, great Mitch Hedberg for a moment, "It's like a company wanted to make finger cymbals, but they only had ceramics... so they said screw it, we're making china finger cymbals."

Samantha Dugan said...

So I wont be seeing these on your Amazon store list?!

Carl said...

um, yes!!!!!

The Gin and Titonic Yes, it forms ice cubes in the shapes of the titanic and and iceberg!!!! Party fun!!!!

Pick your Nose I could use the cups at a housewarming party!!!! Hilarity will ensue.

And finally, once I wake up after such an evening, I can rock out in the shower with....

SHOWER MIC Yes, a sponge shaped like a microphone. Who doesn't need that!!!!!

Carl said...

one more for the evening..

If you find yourself missing paris, you need one of these!!!!

French Toast

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's excellent. I would wear it as a joke, with my Snuggie. Seriously funny, though. File it under what will they think of next.

Amy said...

If a person is "tipsy," there is no way they could balance food on that thing.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I kinda love it. Don't hate me.

Samantha Dugan said...

Oh man, Carl those links are AWESOME! The verbage on the French toast, that is perfect.

Erin, you can love them, and no I wont hate you! Hey, someone thought they were worth making...just not my thing I guess.

Laurie, check out the link that Carl posted for the pick your nose could wear your finger plate while drinking out of those cups..too funny