Thursday, October 22, 2009

Made It!


10 1/2 hour flight, no sleep, only one drink and I am finally here! Don't think I will be seeing too much outside my lovely room at the Hilton this evening...can barely keep my eyes open, but tomorrow I will out and about, camera and my little travel mate here, in hand.


Tonight will be a quick bite, maybe a beer or two and I will be curling into that lovely bed sleeping the sleep of a not so sturdy traveler.


Jessica said...

Glad to know you made it safely! Have a nice sleep... :-)

Ron Washam said...

My Gorgeous Samantha,

Can't wait to see "Samantha Does London." Don't forget to see the fabulous Changing of the Vin de Garde. And give my regards to the Queen. She never returns my calls. Even though I'm clearly inbred like the rest of them.

Nice photo in the travel bag. Must be someone dear to you.

I adore you

Your HoseMaster

TWG said...

Hope those sunglasses come in handy.

Amy said...

Don't spend too much time in your room blogging! Have fun. Cheers!

Samantha Dugan said...

Thank you my friend, did not get much sleep I am sad to say, even worse as the Internet was out in my room for like 13 hours....grrrr, could have been posting or some junk!

I tried to say hello to the Queen for you but she slammed the door in my face while muttering something about your, "crown jewels" what did you do to her?! The picture in the lunch bag, (Amy's lunch bag that she left at my house...wanted her with me along with Merzie's glasses) is of a man, (well he was not quite a man yet in the photo) that has gone out of his way to make me feel truly special and absolutely adored all the time....thought it might be time to return the favor. Hope he sees it!

Those glasses belong to one of my dearest friends, just a way to have her with me and let her know that even this far away I am thinking of her and whishing she was here. They looked Gawd Awful on me, I look like a fly in them, so thankfully they were not needed, although it is lovely here right now, chilly but clear.

Darlin' you know I will be posting but doing so either early in the morning or after closing a few know I don't sleep much girile. I miss you and wish you were here!

The Woo said...

Ahhh. The joys of trans-ocanic air flight. Hard to describe. My best advice - power through the first two days of fatigue. Energy drinks, coffee, Excedrin, whatever it takes. Do not succumb to the nap. It will totally screw you up. Also - do whatever it takes to get a full nights sleep. Critical.

BTW, London was Tammy's first European city also. She loved it. Now when I go back for business, she gets bitter. Go figure.

Enjoy! If you can, check out Windsor Castle. Pretty cool. I envy the pub crawls. How come we can't have totally kick ass food in most bars like they do there?

Samantha Dugan said...

That is my plan pal, just suck it up and power through, would have been much easier or easier to deal with had I had Internet access...gotta tell ya, UK Tv at like 2 AM, bloody awful. I'm not the best sleeper in general so it wont be that big of a deal and Carl freaking slept like 12 hours last night so he is good to go. Tell Tammy that much like her first trip, Carl is already in love with this city. Hugs to you all.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

My Gorgeous Samantha,

What did I do to the Queen? What did she do to me! Put my crown jewels in her dank dungeon, if you get my drift. Ah, the hell with her, she's just another QILF. She puts the Bucking in Ham.

I love you!

Your HoseMaster

vickibarkley said...

I miss you already! I'm also glad to know Call-o's already in love with the place. I'm so jealous as I sit in a room with 40 fidgeting teenagers!!! Like Amy said, don't spend too much time blogging, but DO take pictures of food and drink for the rest of us to fantasize about!

Samantha Dugan said...

Not sure what you all did to each other but...Oh I'm gonna make up some junk in my head.

Miss you too missy and be sure to stop by the store and keep my kids company. I will still be posting, sad part is I feel like each and every thing I do is a "next post"...dude, how sad is that?