Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Homey Don't Play That

Now I haven’t posted much if any political stuff since the election, just didn’t see the point, my team won and my faith in humanity was restored…well, aside from Prop 8 passing here in California, in California…dude, what the hell? Still pissed off and baffled by that one. I am still following politics, still gets my blood flowing, and gets my bark revved up but I have been keeping it out of the blog, mostly because I don’t wish to offend anyone. Well the one good thing about getting almost no comments on my posts, leads me to believe no one is reading so I get to go back to thumping my chest about whatever it is that’s buggin’ me.

So I have a little message for the GOP, Obama is fucking cool as hell, deal with it, sheesh. I was watching the news this morning and saw, “The New Faces of the GOP” website…I nearly shot coffee out my nose I was laughing so hard. Um, seems like that party got some, “coloring”. Took me right back to the election, you know when they would find the 3 faces of color in the crowd at the Republican conventions and show them over and over again…yeah, dudes, they don’t all look alike. I was cracking up when I went to their website, it was like they were saying, “We have blacks too” as if that was what made everyone vote for Obama…still don’t get it huh guys?

Obama is just one of those cats, smart, funny, suave as hell…but um, it’s not his “blackness” that makes him that way and if you believe that, well…you have more work to do. You had Colin Powell, he was kind of black too, but he wasn’t cool right? Smart man, decent man but not terribly cool if you know what I’m saying. This little parade of color the GOP is trying to hoist on people is just a joke, an insulting joke but a joke none the less.

If you’re going to do it, then do it, don’t just pepper the pages of your site with black people, why not try and find some cool people? Find someone exceptional, inspiring, people that will reach out to people across both sides of the isle, because this…well, this little stunt just shows how NOT colorblind you are. Tards.


Anonymous said...

I trust you still have hope, you definitely are short on change. I suggest you stick to evaluating wine, you do a much better job with what you know

Amy said...

Seriously, great picture of Obama. The great white shark is a nice touch. Where do you find these pictures?
I still haven't seen Bush here is Dallas--too afraid to show his face. If I see him, I will direct him to your blog.

Samantha Dugan said...

I um, can do both and I value your opinion and your right to voice it. I'll not take a cheap shot just to prove it.

Google man, best pictures ever! Bush will have no problem showing his face, see he still thinks people love him...gotta love the tards no?

Marcia said... crunders in a twist now over us 'silent readers.' Still here. Still getting a good chuckle at your stream-of-conscious delivery (even when we don't say so after each post). ...Luv the photo selection. (Not sure about the sweaty skin one above though.)

Nice diversion to the GOP blast, but, yes, obviously not too often here.... Yeah, Prop. 8 weird for Calif. but, hey, look at today's ruling on the challenge (yea :-) !).

Samantha Dugan said...

I knew I was going to post something else right away, probably would not have done this one i said, not really looking to offend anyone, just speaking my mind. No plans on making this a wine and politics blog but that thing this morning just bugged the hell outta me, had something to say so I did.

Not really crunder bunched about the lack of comments, I see my counter and the hits just keep on coming but it does get kind of boring listening to yourself talk...know what I mean? I do however appreciate all my readers, silent and ALL, even when they don't agree with me. Thanks for reading and for posting lady!

John M. Kelly said...

Mr Anon is probably one of those OC GOP reprobates who can't stand it that this country elected a black man. Or maybe he has his crunders in a bunch because an intelligent man was elected - makes Mr. Anon feel all stupid and s**t - all out of touch. And with all the authority and righteous indignation of Mr. Anon - I suggest he stick to whatever it is he does, and allow the rest of us to exercise our First Ammendment rights to political expression. Oh, and hey you douchebag - anonymous comments are a lot like flaming crosses planted in front yards in the dead of night by cowards. You want to pop off with a criticism, use your real name. Signed - John Michael Kelly

Samantha Dugan said...

John Michael Kelly,
I adore you, thanks for having my back as it were...that's "ga-het-toe" for backing me up. As the mother of a biracial child that looks black but was raised by two white people...I DO in fact know what I am talking about. Funny when people don't like what you have to say they pat you on the head and pretend you don't get it. I do get it, I have been touched by each side, you have your feelings and I have mine. I will not bite you for your beliefs, would be awesome if you didnt bite me for mine. That being said...John, My Adorable Buddy, thanks for getting my side, my back and being one of the coolest cats, like ever.

The Woo said...

Just in case you're wondering... I'm not Mr. Anonymous. I have no problem putting my name on my opinions.

But yes, I am one of those OC guys. Go figure. Everyone we know voted for the other guy, so how come he's not in the White House? :).

I am happy to live in a country that can elect Obama to the presidency. I am not convinced that he has delivered on the promise. I'm willing to give him a chance. However, if and when I disagree with him, I'm not a racist. Believe me, I know the face of racism and that is not what I see in the mirror. Probably the thing that upsets me most about the Dems - it really does seem that any disagreement is met with an overly race-centric response which is not productive in my opinion.

Most GOPers I know, and yes, I know plenty of them, are not happy with the spending policies of the current party in power. And actually the real face of the GOP that I know and see is far more focused on fiscal policy and issues than social ones. By the way, most of us agree that Bush was not a fiscal conservative either. But some of the current tax and spend policies are very concerning and dangerous.

Sorry for the comment on an older post, just needed to make sure you knew that I wouldn't post as an "anonymous". And I just got back from China and Hong Kong last night. Have fun in London! Tammy and kids send you hugs!

Samantha Dugan said...

Dude, trust me I knew it was NOT you. I've said it before and I will say it again, you are one of the most fair minded members of the GOP I have ever met, and one of the only ones that I can actully talk to as you are not at all condescending and don't act as if Dems are all retarded bleeding hearts. I am very aware that you know about the race issue, again another reason I can talk to you. Just curious though, what did you think of the roll out of the, "New GOP" website?

The Woo said...


I don't really spend a lot of time on the GOP site, but did check it out. It's OK, but clearly a bit contrived. But isn't that what political party's websites do? I mean, I think it is safe to say that any of the "Mar-com" from either party, or any political party, would be contrived to reach a certain audience in a certain way, and those from the opposing party would find it laughable. I just chalk that up to the nature of the beast.

At the end of the day, the sites of both parties are really set up to bolster and communicate to the base, so it is a "feel good" for their respective constituents. From that perspective, the GOP site is OK, not earth shattering, but not horrible. The flip side of that is when you take that approach it becomes pretty easy fodder for the "other side".