Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Okay, I am all for convience, but really? We can't even be bothered to swallow pills now? I am an Aspirin person...matter of fact I take my two Bayer each night, it's my little anti-hangover insurance policy, but even in my worst, "state" I can swallow the freaking things! How hard is this really, the damn bottle is not even child proof, it just twists off, you pour two in your puffy palm and wash them down with, well...tonight it is Rose, but water will do if that is all you have, c'mon...is this what we have been reduced to?!

Jesus, this is getting down-right embarrassing, if we are going to try and retain our "world power" status, we might want to think about being less, less "delicate". Really? Aspirin is too hard?! First we had these

Becasue all that licking is too much for our wee ones. Then there was this

Cuzz you know, the whole choking on mints epidemic, how many was it we lost in that one? Speaking of stuff we put in our mouths, was slicing tomatoes or eggs that strenuous, we just HAD to have these

and why wait for your wine to age, or why deal with those, oh so harsh tannins, when there is this to make it softer for you?

Wow...I'm a pretty lazy mother f'er but, dude...I can still manage to push a couple pills down my throat. Gonna have to veto the Aspirin crystals.


John M. Kelly said...

There are so many things wrong with the picture above! Let's start with the stemless glasses (pointless? faddish? fail). Then, what about the two right hands? OK yes it is a staged product shot and doing it any other way would have put a body in the picture, but it just looks WEIRD. I won't even go into the uselessness of the device in the center...

Benito said...

There are actually wineries that use little aeration devices in their tasting rooms...

I prefer a decanter, or even a clean glass coffee pot. I like tasting the wine fresh out of the bottle, then an hour later, then two hours, and so on. Since every wine is different, it's hard to predict that ideal time required for airing out, and I get a lot of enjoyment out of taking it slow.

Samantha Dugan said...

Thanks I had not noticed the 2 right hands in the photo...now I can't look at it without being wierded out. I also agree about the stemless glasses, lame...lame! First of all you end up warming up your wine too much and secondly, (and this is coming from the one that always has it crap on her glass) is you end up with smudges, and crud all over it...ewe.

I know many places use those, I've even had reps use them when tasting me on something. I too much prefer decanting, (which were I a sales rep, I would have done before leaving the house) and mine is a glass milk bottle. I find I like even more, sitting with the wine in my glass, swirlling to open it up...seems more interactive and you can observe each stage of the development.

Thanks to both of you for posting....been locked in deadline hell, with serious writers block, so now that I am done I can get back to posting! Have a bunch of Blanc de Blancs to write up and some new Roses!

Brian said...

Some people actually do have problems swallowing pills. My throat muscles have a slight defect (inherited) so I hate hate hate pills.

Samantha Dugan said...

Well, now I feel a bit like an ass. So okay, for people with throat issues it makes sense, but what I was ranting about, really, was the stuff that seems to be making us lazy....c'mon those self spinning lollipops for kids?!
Did not mean to offend anyone that may need the aspirin crystals, now I'll just sit back and wait for the person with carpal tunnel to post about the egg slicer...
Please know that my intent is never to hurt anyone's feelings...just poking fun!