Monday, June 22, 2009

Long Hot Soak

Been a strange couple weeks, the bosses have been on a much needed vacation, (seriously have no idea how they held out so long) so I have been, “in charge” at the shop….really only means I do payroll as the shop runs itself, the staff has been amazing, with a particular nod to Ronnie who has stepped up in a big way and really took half the weight off my shoulders….that and he made bank runs, worked a bunch of Sundays in a row, in short he was absolutely my hero. Ronnie, I know you don’t really read this silly blog-o-mine, but should you stumble upon it…thank you dude, you were awesome. Along with the big cheeses being away, my partner in crime has been fighting some pretty serious tummy issues, so she has been off the fancy food and booze for over a week, we had to postpone, (again) my birthday blowout, no sense in going until everyone is in rare form, and to top it off the hubby and I, whom never really argue….at all, got into it last night and I found myself so irritated that I left the house to seek calm, and puppy kisses at my sister’s house late into the evening…sucky.

So on the hubby thing, I was way outta line, just one of those, should have said something before it rubbed me raw and I snarled at him, and true to his nature…he just kinda let me ramble on, said sorry, (which of course bugged me…chicks man, we are crazy beasts at times) and his ONE major offense, rolling his eyes at my irrational outburst, sent me to the car and off to invade puppyland. Our twice yearly “fight” ended as it always does, with me pouting for about an hour or two and then just wanting it to be over. I did fall asleep, (once I came back home) in one of our overstuffed chairs, not because I didn’t want to share a bed with the hubby, but because I felt like a ginormous asshole. I snuck into bed around 6 am only to have him do the feet sweep, you know, where they move their feet along the bottom of the bed until our feet touch…yeah that, sigh…felt like such a dick.

On top of that my cutest-thing-ever neighbor is also on vacation, so the adorable factor around my pad is at like negative 20 AND a good friend, that used to wig me out because I feared that our “playful” flirting might end up with him trying to eat my face….the friend I got stoopid drunk with one night and just asked, flat out, “Okay so you’re not trying to put you’re junk on me right?” to which he said no….confessed that he only said “no” to throw me off….awesome. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he was playing but I am all wigged again, not that I don’t adore having my tail chased…I’m a woman and I love the affirmation, but I have no desire to hurt anyone’s feelings, and I don’t know about all of you, but being shoved away….might sting a bit. Cannot and will not tell you how many times I’ve been face to face with some drunkard that wants to put their mouth on me…male, female, doesn’t matter, just sitting there, probably being provocative, (as I do when I’m buzzy) and WHAM-O, “I really want to kiss you right now”…shit…shit. Does it make me feel like I’m a sexy beast….hell no, makes me feel like a target, and stupid, that is the killer of fun.

So I’ve been feeling rather poopie all day, missing normalcy…out of sorts is an understatement. I went into work to pay the staff, also odd as I do not work on Monday, the hubby went to a concert with Merritt, so I have been sitting here all night…alone with my overwhelming sense of yuck. I watched movies, surfed the Interwebs but nothing was distracting me….then it hit me, “Sam, you need a long, hot bath” sigh……

Now the long part is a bit of bullshit, I always think I want a long bath…but the water gets cold, the bubbles dissipate and the whole reading in the tub thing….lame, pages get wet, cannot tolerate that nonsense and there is only so much scrubbing one can do you know? But the hot part, that is on the up and up. I pour my favorite bubbly junk, (smells of fresh lemon rind) in and dance around a bit while the scalding hot water creeps up my ankles, but once I am settled I am so the freaking commercial, the heavy sighing, the leaning back letting the water and bubbles lap against my ear lobes, whole deal and tonight, it was just what this weary girl needed.

So I emerged from the tub, pink, steaming and smelling of lemons looking for that one last thing…a glass of wine was so in order. So here I sit, freshly washed, scrubbed and lubed up with the proper amount of lotion, drinking a glass of 2008 Domaine du Dragon Cotes de Provence Rose…in my jammies, serenity. The wine is simple, full of minerals and soft succulent fruit with just enough acidity to keep me interested. The simple pleasures have so pleased me this evening, hot water, silence, lemon scented bubbles and a glass of beautifully balanced Rose…exhale


Ron Washam, HMW said...

Hey My Gorgeous Sam,

I am sorry you had such a miserable day. The worst ones are always self-inflicted, sort of like noogies. But the image of you emerging pink and steamy from your bath has certainly brightened my morning.

Why am I thinking about hot dogs right now.

Anyhow, when times are tough, please remember the HoseMaster adores you!

Samantha Dugan said...

My HoseMaster,
What a sweetheart you are, a naughty little sweetheart but still. Thinks are looking up, the bosses will be back this evening, my son will be home from college in exactly 8 days...all signs are pointing to better days ahead! Glad I was able to brighten your day, your kind words surely brightned mine.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Gorgeous One,

If I made you smile and feel adored then my job here today is done.

Naughty, but sincere. Like Syrah and Viognier, a nice combination.

Your HoseMaster

Michael Hughes said...

I commend you for throwing all this up on the interwebs....& for admitting that you were wrong. That always seems to be difficult for me to do. Puppy kisses always make things better don't they? Unless they've just killed a bird & then those kisses are kinda toxic.

Samantha Dugan said...

Your work here is done, I was sporting the recently hosed, by the master, grin all day...thank you, seriously.

Even toxic puppy kisses can be better than some of the Bourbon and Vodka soaked ones I have been face to face with...sigh. Thanks for the props, as time goes on I find that there is less shame in my game...that should be evident to anyone that reads this blog, (blushing). Dude, you gotta fess up when you are wrong, it's really quite freeing and makes the "rawr" less end up feeling better for coming clean and your loved one admires your clarity and much better than the bitter crap when things fester. Mid-fight I find myself going, "okay Sam, I think you are being the what point is it you want to prove?!" Took many years to work but man o man, so much better.