Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Lunch With Jammies & Wine

“Wanna just do Thai Princess fried rice then?” it was my dinner suggestion when the hubby called last night, as I was trying to close the store, after a 9 hour shift. I was distracted by register receipts, and the thought of cooking a whole meal was less than exciting, and seeing as I had eaten a crap burger for lunch I wanted something that had a least a few veggies in it. Thai Princess is a Thai place, (der) near our house and they make the absolute best fried rice, chock full of still crunchy veggies, big hunks of whichever meat you choose, mildly spiced as far a chili goes but loaded with tons of black pepper….the best part, it’s like 2 pounds of rice with each order, so it works out to about 3 meals for me…love, loves me some cold Thai fried rice for breakfast. I know they always look at us like freaks when we just order the rice, like, “you don’t want any main dishes?” but like I said, it’s ton of food and really satisfying, if we look like stupid round eyes, whatever, makes me happy.

I woke this morning to find the hubby already deeply entrenched in some web training seminar, wearing that, Oh-my-god-I-want-to-gouge-my-own-eyes-out, look, so any delusions I had about a rare Wednesday afternoon lunch date, (I’m off today) and a movie flew right out the window on my way to the coffee pot. A few hours later he was still there, same look but I could tell by the gradually increasing in volume, sighs, that he was getting hungry. Now, as much as I love the leftover rice deal, the hubby….not so much, he’ll eat it but he is not really a fan of having the same meal back to back. So there I stood in our dinky ass kitchen, wearing my most favorite jammies, (and yes I have favorites and even seasonal favorites…so there) digging around for fried rice enhancements. Cranked the heat on the cast iron skillet, chopped some shallot, grabbed the garlic-chili paste, and whisked a couple eggs with soy sauce, not all that different but a spicier, saltier version, just enough of a change to make the meal more palatable for the finicky, computer funster.

Now seeing that it was just about 11:30 I had a mild pang of guilt or that “Um does this look bad?” when I reached for a bottle of wine, lucky for me that I really don’t give a shit what people think about my behavior, if I worried about that crap I would never have any fun. So I popped the cork on my icy cold bottle of 2008 Domaine de Mattes-Sabran Vin de Pays d’Oc Rose, ($12.99) what an amazing contrast. Steaming hot rice, icy cold wine, spicy chili flavors, bursting berries and freshly cut melon, crunchy veggies, soft, plump mouth feel…kinda debunks that whole, “grows together-goes together” diatribe no? Was it earth shattering, well…no it’s fried rice and Rose, but it was a lovely pairing, enjoyed in my bestest, most comfy jammies and the eye rolling, sigh monster is quieted….now, what’s for dinner?


John M. Kelly said...

What's for dinner? Here it is marinated grilled chicken with a salad. Starch is just a lot of big fat Artisan Baking croutons in the salad. Simple. Wine on deck? My own 2006 Rose for my girlfriend (wife) and for me a 2007 Sonoma County Pinot I have been asked for an opinion on. And a shot of Fernet right now. Wish I had a Pastis during the cooking part (it's hot outside).

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Hey Darling Sam,

I'm just trying to figure out how I get that Favorite Jammies gig.

Rose is all the rage these days, isn't it? I've always been a true believer so it's nice to see the great unwashed American public falling in love with our little pink friend. And rose too.

Your HoseMaster Jammies

Samantha Dugan said...

Um...can I come over?! That sounds so yummy and in my current state, (see things happen when you begin drinking Rose at 11:30 in the morning, it's either keep drinking or nap, "I'll take "A" for $500...and a hangover Alex") I'm looking at Apple Jacks and Cheetos for dinner. By the way, very sweet that your girlfriend is your wife, if I had cockles...they would be warm. Enjoy your meal and your wife my friend...Fernet Branca? You just might like the wierd Pastis that I love.

Now if I made you my favorite jammies would that make you the Master Jammer? (Freaking first Stevie Wonder joke) We have been selling buttloads, (a Wine Country measurement) of dry Rose for about 14 years now, took for-ev-ah, but people are frothing at the mouth for it now...bout fecking (Irish chick) time! Oh and by the way, I now know we were meant for each other...I often site the "unwashed masses" when asked why I don't pour for private tastings. I would have bet my sweat earned money that you would have run with the "plump mouth feel" comment, but you went all tender with the jammies...suave Master Jammer, you are

John M. Kelly said...

I absolutely KNOW I will love the weird Pastis you love. Any Pastis that comes with its own sugar spoon so I can pick my own sweetness level? - fackin' awesome (that would be the Dublin pronunciation). I mean it - save me a bottle. If I ever get caught up from 5 days away from the office/winery (with Best of the Bay tomorrow and Pinot Days over the weekend) I will call you.

Apple Jacks and Cheetos? That would be what my son had for dinner (just kidding - he's jonesing for a hotdog and some cheese, or cheesy egg -- but AJ & C was his afternoon snack).

vickibarkley said...

Leftover fried rice: yum. Rose: yum. You have been a crazy blogging fiend lately, Girl! I love it. And congratulations on soothing the Hubby Monster with leftovers. That's miraculous like the loaves and the fishes.

Samantha Dugan said...

I was spared the Apple Jacks, (which we do have but I have not...before today eaten in like 20 years, um..ewe and we don't have Cheetos either, but I do like those!) and the hubby ran out for Greek food. Luscious lemon and chicken soup, pita, hummus, the whole nine, so happy.

I know right?! I think it is all the comments, keeps me thinking about writing and wanting to share. If folks are a readin' I'm a writin'. Yes, Call-o was a much changed monster after he ate, as you know, he is a sweetie but without food...douche.

Ron Washam, HMW said...


While you were slugging down the Rose, I was gulping Edelzwicker on my front porch, gazing at the ten acres of Cabernet on the property where I live, and dreaming of being the hatchback on your favorite jammies. Hot buns and Edelzwicker, a classic combo!

Your HoseMaster

David McDuff said...

Funny, Sam, but it doesn't sound like that rosé tasted at all like poo.

Samantha Dugan said...

Yeah you see, it tasted fine before I read your post on the brilliant sounding Champagne...after reading that, it tasted of poo