Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So...Um, What Is It We Want?!

So we are nearing newsletter time and as a sort of resolution, I have challenged myself to try and get my stuff in to Randy before deadline….or at least on deadline, or the day after at the very latest, way to have conviction right? This was to be an easy enough task as we have decided to streamline our publication a bit, less or shorter articles and more wine write ups. This too works in my favor because since starting this blog I have found it very difficult to turn off the, “me shooting the shit voice” and step back into a more serious, wine focused role… “Whadda ya mean I can’t say blow me in the newsletter?” it has been a problem for me. So when Randy asked that I scale back on the articles it was somewhat of a relief, writing tasting notes is a lot let pressure, less fun for me personally, and the 6 people that dug my slightly irreverent articles, but it’s a lot easier to squish the, “Sam” in a write up.

So Sunday afternoon I got an email from, The Great Randini, (one of many pet names for my beloved boss) asking me if I would write a fun Valentines column for the newsletter, dag-nab-it…so much for less writing Okay so here’s the problem, he wants ME to write an article about what women want. Me, the girl that whenever he is making a comment about women and I say something like, “I don’t do that” he responds, “Yeah, but you’re not a regular girl”….clearly the perfect choice. I know he wants something fun, light with a smidge of my brand of snark but the problem is….I don’t know dick about what women want, hell I don’t even have a clue what it is that I want!

I acted locally first, checked with the, “girls” I hang with, not really the best source as they are kinda of my…ilk if you will. The best I got from them was, “Well it would be nice to be seduced. You know beyond the, hey honey look, I chubbed up…you wanna do it?” not sure how that would read in a Valentines article but I’ll keep that little nugget tucked away to use if need be. I then posted on facebook and I think that was just too confusing, the ladies there were asking more questions than really giving me the answers that I desperately needed. So now I am expanding my reach, calling to all of you out there…um, help me….please!

So I’m thinking…or hoping rather, that there will many varied answers, everything from wine to the perfect French fry so I’m just going to compile any and every answer and kind of come up with a, “style” chart of sorts, so let it fly people….I’m begging, this, “Not regular” girl really needs your help.


K.Mahoney said...

humm this is a tough one!

as a dirty martini girly girl I would have to say confidence, a man with Mario Batali food skills that looks more like Hugh Jackman, dry sense of humor, bottle of Domaine Carneros 04 Le Reve Rose, sexy smile, a look that can my heart pound.. and a guy who cares more about baseball then food parings.

Samantha Dugan said...

Dude, thank you! This is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for, kind of a crash course on girlies if you will. I appreciate you tossing your wishes into my little pond here!

Sara Louise said...

My perfect Valentines day... tickets to a sporting event that we both like (I like getting all riled up at the rugby with the Boyfriend), a really good meal, home cooked or out somewhere, but not anywhere too trendy where I would feel that everyone was there just to be there (does that make sense?), and a bubble bath with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Is that girly enough?

Samantha Dugan said...

Okay so first of all I just posted and kinda cracked on your wine of choice for your bath...sorry about that girlie, was before I read this and truth be told, I gots me some major issues with Clicquot, (years of buying and tasting Champagne). That being said, thank you for adding to the research, I need all the help I can get. Your "wants" do not seem that far from mine...hate those, "scene" restaurants too.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

My Gorgeous Samantha,

What do girls want? Hmmmmm...

Hand-written love letters

Standing when she enters or leaves the room

Remembering to put the seat down

Holding her hand every possible minute

Noticing her perfume when you nuzzle her neck

Looking into her eyes the entire time she's speaking to you--there are no other women alive when you're with her

Sweet little notes around the house to let her know you're thinking of her

Rinsing all of those tiny little hairs out of the bathroom sink

Grower Champagne for breakfast

Maybe I should try some of these.

I love You

Your HoseMaster

Samantha Dugan said...

Ron My Love,
I was wondering if any of, "the guys" would jump into this one, was hoping so and am not at all shocked that you were the first. I'm guessing that most of those things on your list are things that you do. I have not known you very long and I am sure there is still so much more to learn about My HoseMaster, but I do know that you are very generous with your time, your words and your heart...I am sure your wife feels like a very lucky woman indeed.

Would be very cool to hear from more guys here, what they think women want, or know their chicka's want. Would give me a bigger pool of desire to draw from...women are so complex and different, (for instance holding my hand all the time would drive me bonkers, make me feel trapped) there really is no way to boil them into "styles" but if I can get a few key things that seem to run through the heart and wants of most....well, maybe then I will have something I can work with.

I appreciate you jumping in here and I absoltely adore you.

K.Mahoney said...

I was curious if your usual boy toys would man up to the challenge.... At least the HoseMaster came up to bat. good list!

Ron Washam, HMW said...

K. Baby,

Just because I'm inflatable doesn't mean I'm a toy. Samantha just inflates me naturally.

Just sayin'

I love you, Samantha!

Your Hosemaster

Samantha Dugan said...

Don't I wish I had such fascinating toys! Nah all I got is a big mouth, too much time and a laptop...just feel so lucky people come to keep me company. Not sure anyone should me letting me play with their inflatables though....

Nancy Deprez said...

You're kind of a regular girl in my book, well, not the kind that loves shopping but I consider those "regular girls" freaks! :)

Anyhoo, did you like my answer about the very cool big self-cleaning house? I still like that answer.

Jessica said...

Well, I might be too late - hopefully not? I've been on vacation, so sorry to desert at your time of need!

I like Ron's list, and many things on it - hmmm, a true romantic.

Anyways, as you have already alluded (sp?) to, there are so many types of women who like so many different things. But truly, is there a woman out there (shopaholic or not) that wouldn't love one of your (Sam that is) favorite champagne selections poured over and laboriously licked off her body? Seems so much sexier than "Wanna have relations?", that being T's words of choice...

All that being said, I think we all want to feel special, and fortunately since we are all different, what makes us feel that way is likely different too.

So, maybe focus on the wines you love, and what about them makes them and you in return special? I know you can do it - you have slutty champagne and elegant champagne and I'm certain several in between... I know Etienne Montille is just special and endearing and Pascal Agrapart is sexy as hell... There is a story in there - go with it, I have faith!


Samantha Dugan said...

Thanks for helping dear girl. It was not too late, still thinking about the whole damn thing and think I might have an angle, now I just have to write the damn thing!