Friday, January 29, 2010

Long Day Before A Short Trip To Texas

I woke at 5:30 yesterday morning feeling restless, antsy, anxious, like my mind was far more awake than my body was even close to being. I found myself laying in bed rubbing my feet back and forth atop one another, rubbing my eyes, trying to take deep sleep welcoming breaths…yeah, didn’t work. My mind was going a mile a minute, thinking about the tasting I was to do later in the afternoon, lost on some tiny piece of dream….a man walking on a porch, little bits of storm shrapnel crunching beneath his feet, hands shoved deep in his pockets, eyes locked on a bright shining moon, eyes full of hope, heart full of questions…I felt myself wondering if we had met, did I know him, should I know him…yeah this is the shit that comes racing to my feeble, damaged mind in the wee small hours, and you people wonder why I drink?!

I grew tired of waiting for a rest that was not going to come. Slithered out of the covers making sure not to wake my deep breathing, (that’s nice for snoring) husband, and made my way to the kitchen to the coffee pot. Hit the, “For The Love Of All That Is Holy Please Go” button and settled into my little, (well not that little) ass shaped spot on the couch. So here’s the thing…normal people are like sleeping at that ungodly hour, no new posts from fellow bloggers, a couple emailed photos from friends travelling through France, but for the most part…nada. Ended up watching American Justice and can I just give you dudes a tip, just leave your wives…don’t kill them, you are not going to get away with it, trust me…I watched like a giant chunk of this show…hours of it, and you aint getting away it, trust me. My hubby is a brilliant man but should he come at me with insurance papers, I am not only shooting him the hairy eyeball, I am misspelling my name.

Got into work and was inundated with wines sales reps. Corks popping, glug-glug-glug of a wine splashing in my glass, the somewhat soothing feeling of a pen in my hand….my script, my hand, my eyes closed trying to drown out their yammering….trying to picture myself on a porch, storm shrapnel crunching under my feet…silence, closed eyes full of hope, heart full of questions. My, “dream man” was with me as I scribbled my notes this afternoon, my unshakeable 5:30 vision was beside me, reminding me…”find hope. Find answers.” My sleep deprived melon was revived by the crunch of his feet, the longing in his eyes….tired or not, I was still going to focus, find, and seek. I tasted, laughed and blew off many a sales rep yesterday afternoon, but I found a few things. A wicked cool Anjou blanc, sexy as all get out, ripe pears, minerals and just a faint touch of Sherry…scintillating. A Hermitage, a 2000 Hermitage that was refined….pure, focused and set this girl back, reeling on her heels….coming soon.

Finished with my reps with just enough time to ready for my tasting. I was feeling good, so ready to turn some folks onto Camille Saves Champagne…was heartbroken to find that they really didn’t give a crap. I had some of my beloved regulars, people there to taste and really understand, but for the most part…these people were just there to taste wine and break my bawls. I had a guy, rather un-attractive in that….slim, balding-but-I’m-gonna-still-dye-it, wrinkled Target collared shirt and oddly fitting cargo pants, kinda way. He rolled in with three girls, big shot right…yeah, the girls. They were made up but, how do I say this…nature was not kind, they like fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Hey, he was feeling all, “Heff” and who am I to burst his bubble? Truth be told I was kind of digging his swagger, he was feeling it, the girls were in, who the hell am I to yuck someone’s yum. That was until he started giving me crap about the size of my pours, dude. “How about you pour me a bigger one seeing as I am a big guy” said my wannabe, and I looked at his five foot nine frame, surrounded by those heavily perfumed one-offs…short skirts, stockings, that long sexy eyebrow running across their foreheads, “Sir, these glasses hold almost a bottle of wine each. It might look like a small pour but I assure you there is plenty of wine in there for you to smell and taste” He looked at me like I was speaking pig latin, “I don’t care about smelling it, I’m trying to get drunk” he responded, making sure to look at his homely harem while shaking his head. I caved, gave him just a splash more, (and he complained to his gaggle of ducklings, of the ugly variety) and felt myself snarling as he raised his glass, looked at my pour and herded his….sheep to the cheese table for dinner.

Half way into the tasting my jaw was tight, felt each and every little swipe from those that felt their $10.00 entrance fee entitled them to behave like pompous jackasses. “Give me more, I am a regular” comments just making me cringe, made me cringe as they are regular….regular cheese buyers. Oh don’t get me wrong, I love anyone that is willing to plunk down their cash in the store but…forgive me if I don’t pour unlimited amounts of eighty dollar Champagne when I know you are walking out with a bottle of six dollar Spanish wine and a chunk of cheese. Been at the shop too long, yes I know you are going to buy something but I can’t just keep pouring you more because, “These are too expensive for me to buy”….yes, what someone told me. Your tasting fee entitles you to one taste of each wine and unlimited amounts of cheese and bread….when I look at the wines we were tasting; four wines the least expensive was $57.00, it really is a wicked deal, no one was getting screwed, so why the unrelenting hammering on me for more?!

Finished the tasting, not sure we sold any wine…wait, I know by beloved Vicki bought a bottle but other than that, think it was a bust. Kills me, that just kills me, those are some of the most earth shattering wines I have ever had the pleasure of putting to my lips. Camille Saves, if you have not as of yet tasted these…seriously, get off yer rump. Each and every wine is enthralling, captivating, sexy as all get out. The Carte Blanche, ($56.99) showed the flashiest, tons of ripe, round fruit, studded with bits of raw dough and a sexy little snap on the back. The Carte d’Or, ($72.99) was my favorite of the day….very serious, minerals, dark red fruit, citrus and a thread of yeastiness that was relentless. The 2000 vintage, (sold out) was a crowd favorite, massive in the mouth, big fruit, big toast and yeast and big ass finish. Had one customer that I adore, that was kind of “Meh” about Champagne, change is mind once he tasted this wine…created a convert. The Rose, ($74.99) while popular was my least favorite of the day, showing a touch of stink on the nose, black cherries, tangerine and pie crust but…just seemed lacking in the depth and expansion that the other wines had.

Got home not feeling at all like making dinner, (leaving for Texas in the morning) and the rest of the evening went like this….




Marioitas, wicked good. What you see here is why we go to this old school joint, chips and salsa and delicious drinks. The food? Um...


Yeah, what's under all that goo? Have no idea but everything you order at Mario's looks like this and is at your table like five minutes after you order it.


Winding down.....




Is there a better way to end your day? Freaking un-tied...socks off, hot water, Dave Matthews, (Google Alert, C'mon Dave) and a glass of crisp white wine....

Popped a bottle of 2008 Roland Schmitt Pinot Blanc, ($15.99) a wine I happen to think is one of the best, most versatile food wines we carry but…I was so just looking for lightness, refreshment, pleasure…and it was so willing to give it to me. So clean and refreshing, bright exuberant fruit, kisses of spice and citrus and the perfectly balanced wine just seemed to shimmy on my palate, lift the snarl right off my mug leaving just a hint of peach and wet river stones….delightful.

Wandered off to bed, sleepy...mildly buzzy, thinking about seeing my Amy & Sexy Bitch the next day. As my mind began to shut down I thought of my, "dream man" once again, the way this person I had never met was able to stay with me all day, make me wonder, focus and keep cool under some rather trying situations. Don't know who he is but if I did...I'd be giving him the sweetest of kisses and offering him a glass of wine. Thanks dude, whoever you are...I owe you one.

Off to, "The Big D"....


Sara Louise said...

Hey! Where did you get that photo of me?!
Your wine tasting description (not the freaky people, the wine) has made up my mind for me. I'm going out to dinner tonight and taking my sweet time with the wine list.
Say hi to Texas for me. I'm sure it's missing me.

John M. Kelly said...

Texas is not missing me, though I hope a few people there are. Texas - bane of my existence. The never-ending Glazer's-Southern CF, and every other distributor looking to poach some of their brands - their excuse for not looking at "new" brands. On top of all the usual clap-trap: "You don't make enough wine." "Where are your scores?" "Your current vintages are too old." "Nobody wants Syrah." Oh, puh-lease.

I hope youa re getting together with Amy? Travel safe.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

My Gorgeous Samantha,

It's me! It's me! I'm the guy! I'm the one staring at the moon! That explains the hair on my face. The hair on my palms, well, that's another story.

I swear, Samantha, it's me! I'm your dream guy.

That is, I can dream, can't I?

I spent a month in Dallas one weekend. I hope you have more fun than that. But with Amy and Roger there, I'm sure you will.

I love you!

Your HoseMaster

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the amazing tasting last night! Curt and I were so impressed by the Saves and were blown away by the magnitude of what we were tasting for such a small sum. You've converted Curt and you know me...already mad for the stuff.


vickibarkley said...

What a wonderful tasting last night! Yeah, I couldn't believe my ears (and eyes) when I heard Doofus ask for a bigger pour. And I also saw the chick who thought you should give her a steep discount on a $70 bottle of wine 'cause she paid a big $10 to hang around and eat cheese. I'm shuddering, I am.
But, the wines were so wonderful! I was entranced by the Carte d'Or. That's the one that came home with me last night! Brilliant and generous tasting. Thank you. (And thank you for helping make my birthday loads of fun!)

Jessica said...


I'm so bummed that people don't understand how lucky they are to live so close to Signal Hill and the Wine Country.

I would sure appreciate getting to taste Camille Saves for $10 - and you could be sure I wouldn't be able to leave without at least a couple bottles - even to the detriment of my budget!

Have fun in the big D!


TWG said...

Should'nve dissed your g-friend from the last tasting writeup, now you're cursed. Or maybe just it's the soon to be full moon or fate sending you off with a thank god I'm outta here feeling.

Hope TX ain't too cold.

Samantha Dugan said...

I've talked to Texas, (right before they threw me out of the bar last night) and it misses you.

Yeah...I was in a wine shop last night, selection is limited to say the very least. Nice to see you pal!

I thought that was you!

Heather and Vicki,
Thank you noth so much for coming, made the day so much easier for me having you guys there...some of those people, man.

It snowed while we were at dinner last night...fucking cold!

Nancy Deprez said...

Sam, I could go for one of those plates of Mexican goodness right now... maybe minus the sour cream, but everything else looks yum dilly-ischus, and the fact that it comes in 5 minutes, well that would work right now as well.

Wishing you much fun in Texas! :)

Nancy Deprez said...

Sorry the Champagne tasting was... the way it was; I cringed at your description of that guy..... ugh! Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know I'm so happy I did come by and get a 2000 Camille Saves since they are now all gone. Its not drunk yet... saving it, but now I kinda don't want to!

I'll try a Carte Blanche next time also, based on your tasting note here. Yum!

Marcia Macomber said...

Ya know, there's a shop here doin' tastings on Wednesdays...usually about 6-8 wines...for (wait for it) a dollar. A whole, unbelievable dollar.

Now sometimes you do inhale the entire pour before it gets to your lips if the distributor or importer isn't feeling generous. But c'mon! Ya can't complain. And when, on rare occasion, I do hear someone open their trap to beg for more, I think, "Of all the gall!"

And from whom does the request come? ...Someone like your guy, or his 'arm candy.' And to top it all off, this someone's wearin' too much aftershave or too much perfume wreckin' the whole experience for those within wafting range. Sheesh!

Love the nail polish, Sweetie. Top drawer!

Samantha Dugan said...


You know, I always go back and cringe when I read one of these posts where I kinda go after a customer. We are actually quit lucky in that most of the time we have really cool folks at the shop, but ever once in a get one of these. I would sooner die than behave that way.

On the nail polish, I will have you know that I tried that for the first time that morning, thought it was a tad too flashy for me....that stuff was freaking impossible to get off! Was scrubbing with that cotton ball until my nails felt bruised...last time for sure.

Um...when you feel like opening that 2000 Saves, well don't gots my number!

Nancy Deprez said...


Yes, you're right, it has been too long since I had you over for Champagne. I was, however, saving this bottle for Valentine's day............ are you saying there's no more? This is the last of the 2000 Saves??

Samantha Dugan said...

It is with great sadness that I am forced to tell you that yes, there is no more 2000 to be had.

viagra online said...

Thanks for the amazing tasting last night! Curt and I were so impressed by the Saves and were blown away by the magnitude of what we were tasting for such a small sum. You've converted Curt and you know me...already mad for the stuff.