Sunday, December 20, 2009

In Need Of Christmas Cheer

Okay I must be a Grinch, I am so not in the holiday spirit this year. My best friend moving to another planet…aka Texas, (if I have any readers in Texas, it’s a lovely place…really) our beloved mascot Bear, (Amy and Sexy Bitch’s one-eyed Retriever) being diagnosed with Cancer and working like a seriously insane schedule, I’m just not feeling it at all this year. This blows because I love this season, love the lights, the music, the energy and yes, as a retailer…I love the flurry of cash that is being tossed at us. I wait for this all year long and here I am feeling all, “Meh” this year. Cannot figure it out. Personally I have had one hell of a year…I was offered a wicked cool job, in a town that I adore, but passed it up to stay here with the people I love, the people I need, for a job that I love and simply cannot imagine leaving by choice. I had a major breakthrough with a friendship I had been pouring over for years, I found something that I had been missing…waiting for, for like ever, my blog readership, (there is that fancy word again) grew, all my old friends and a bunch of wicked cool new ones. Then there was the “Fancy Pants” crowd that showed up; Charlie Olken, Alice Feiring, Ron Washam, that tree guy, Alder somethin’…I even think Steve Heimoff and Tom Wark showed up this year…dropping, I am so name dropping, helps to picture a deep knee plunge with a saucy snap of my fingers here.

Maybe it’s the hours I have been, and will be working…I see nothing ahead of me but scanners, tissue paper, lines, price tags and panicked faces…it’s getting to me this year people. So tonight I found myself with little to do, I am like saving my energy for work and stuff so I am off the, “let’s go do something” list, that in itself is enough to push me further down my, “woe is me” rabbit hole. It’s eight o clock, on a Saturday night, (okay this is me being a tad dramatic because I kinda hate going out on Saturday nights…all those freaking newbies and people looking to hook up and stuff, yuck…but still) and I am bloody exhausted, in a T-shirt and my ugly gray sweatshirt, (damn, that’s two ugly sweatshirts in two posts, maybe I need to stay out of Target) my most favorite baggy jeans, drinking a glass of Sancerre worshiping at the altar of sloth and lazy indulgence…um, and maybe redundancy.

I got some stuff done, I figured out that I prefer the Progressive girl to the Geiko lizard, reaffirmed that I am over the Food Network, and did my best to annoy the shit out of my facebook friends…posting shit like, “Samantha Dugan thinks lotion is a gift from the Gods…or fancy pants lab dorks, either way a gift” is sure to make some folks click whatever button or tab it takes to make me go away…hey, maybe I should have figured out how to do that, some of those “friends” just bug. None of the real people but those fan page fuckers, ugh! I did have to laugh when I was alerted that NyQuil has a fan page…NyQuil. The message said, “Become a member of the NyQuil Nation, now that sounds like a fun bunch, sign me right the hell up. See all the important junk I got handled on my, “save your energy” night.

The one upshot of the evening? This freaking gorgeous Sancerre! I’ve been doing my part to tighten the household budget…well aside from my December Champagne habit…been loading up on wines that are $12.00 and under for my nightly drinking. There are tons of fun little wines in that price point and I have been happily sucking them back every night without much of an issue. Oh sure I always want something a little finer, more complex and interesting, but these wines do what they were intended…they please my palate, go with my food and ultimately give me a nice little buzz. Things like Chidaine Touraine, Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc, La Cabotte Cotes du Rhone, Piron Beaujolais Villages, these wines thrill for their tiny little price tags and like I said, I have been enjoying more than my fair share for months now, but sometimes…sometimes you just need more, ache for more than comfortable and gulpable. Tonight, tonight was one of those nights.

2007 Domaine des Vieux Prunieres Sancerre, ($21.99) So as you see not exactly breaking the bank at $22.00 but more than I have been spending on a, “loafing on the couch night” kind of wine. The second I poured the wine I could see the difference, even the way it landed in the glass, (a little slower to splash up the sides, settling on itself with a calm dignity) let me know that this wine bore a finer bloodline, pedigree. I could smell the minerality long before I buried my nose in the glass; it was so intense I could smell it just by spinning the glass on my kitchen counter. On the palate it was cold, wet stones, flint, pink grapefruit and lemon zest, all with a full mouth feel…the wine spread wide across my tongue but the brilliant acidity seemed to almost constrict or pull the coating of wine right off my palate….which of course made me want, made me ready for, more. So guess what this slothy girl did? In the words of the noble Sir Charles Olken, "you can bet that sweet ass of yours" I did...I went back for more.


Anonymous said...

Regular reader, first-time commenter. Is that creepy? Dunno.

As a fellow wine retailer of twenty-plus years, your lament about not feeling it this Christmas really struck me. I too, for the first time ever, just want it to be effin' over already this go 'round. And I usually love it.

Just another ten days or so, then the big mop-up. Here's hoping you find at least one moment between now and then that makes it all come rushing back to you exactly why and how much you really love what you're doing. Those moments, those customers that actually listen and get what you're trying to do to help them, make it all worth it when it clicks.

Merry Christmas, Sam.

Ron Washam said...

My Gorgeous Samantha,

As a former retailer, I feel your pain. Well, not really. But I've had the same blah feelings about Christmas this year. Change makes Christmas difficult, it seems--I usually dump mine into the Salvation Army buckets.

But there was one big change in my life this year that I am incredibly grateful for. You showed up. Finally.

Now as to being one of those Fancy Pants dudes, you have me mixed up with someone else. I'm not qualified to carry Charlie's dump bucket, especially the one for wine. The other guys, never heard of them.

Merry Christmas, Gorgeous Samantha!

I know I speak for all of your readership when I say, You are much loved.

I love you!

Your HoseMaster

Samantha Dugan said...

See, this is what I adore about my readers, even on the rare occasion that I DO write about a wine, it's the personal stuff that gets commented on...I adore you guys.

Not creepy at all, I love finding out that I have more than 12 readers, live for that crap so thank you!
Dunno what it is about this year but it's as if I'm walking around in a condom, I can see everything but nothing is really touching me...such a bummer. We have been super lucky as far as customers go, everyone thus far has been really cool and pretty patient, (that could however change this coming week, "What do you mean I have to pay for 2nd Day air to get my wine to New York by Christmas?!"...sigh) but with things being slower all year long we have been running on a shoestring staff...that has not changed too much so we are all working 3 times as hard for the same or less money, (for the shop I mean)....guessing that might be taking some of the sparkle out of it for me.
I wish you and your store all the best this season, hang in there kid, it's almost over. Merry Christmas to you as well.

My Beloved Ron,
You know that, "meeting" you has been one of the best things that has ever happened to ever. You make me laugh, make me feel constantly adored and it is a very real honor to know you. I included you in that pack of, "Fancy Pants" because you are one of the finest writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading...period. Not just the funny shit you write for the blog, which is brilliant but when I want to introduce people to you for the first time, well I have them read the post you wrote about your wife's horse...that is the you that I know, love and makes me proud to me a part of your life....well, as much as I can be from way the hell down here!

Merry Christmas to you too Mr. HoseMaster Sir. I adore you as well. Now quit speaking for my readers, some of them are afraid of you, can't afford to lose the 12...whoops, 13 that I have.

Marcia Macomber said...

...At least 14, Sam! LOL I, too, lament the season. Dunno why either. Watching it all spin by. Feels a bit better than the gloom and doom of last year but not yet quite up to the 'yea' and 'yahoo' of other years' past.

As always, luv your unique spin on the spin in the glass of your Sancerre. Yum. Now if only I can motivate myself to finish the bloody holiday cards, put out some measly decorations and wrap a few gifts...

Merry 'Effin Xmas, Samantha!

vickibarkley said...

Sancerre, yum. Sam's got a new post, yippee!
Sam's saying something provocative, everybody needs to leave me alone so I can read.
I check your blog a few times a day, just to see what's going on.
Bah, humbug, indeed.

Samantha Dugan said...

You were included in the 12 there missy! Not sure what the deal is this season but it seems that no one is really feeling it...only a few more days.

Thank you darlin'! Hang in there and I will be meeting you at Tracy's for a basket of crispy fries and an icy cold Martini!

Thomas said...


You have to stop with these erudite blog posts and come up with yet another inane, regurgitating Best Of list.

It's all the rage.


Samantha Dugan said...

Shit, my bad...I'll get right on that, you know how I need to feel part of the pack.

Amy said...

I hope this year was a fluke for your holiday spirit. I haven't liked the holidays in over ten years, but your devotion to your family and friends is really admirable.
It seems to me you are talking about a lacked feeling--not present giving. Once you see Jeremy, and me next month, the "cheer" will be back.

Samantha Dugan said...

Awe Amy...cannot tell you how nice it is to see you here, here in my nekkid space. The fact that you are trying to soothe me during this very trying time for you is a testament to true friendship. You inspire me sweet girl and I love you very much....cannot wait to see you and Sexy Bitch...aching to press my lips on Bear's big, sweet head just one more time. I miss you all so much....

k2 said...

Right there in the soup with ya Sam. But I get that way every Christmas - if you saw how my retail shop operates, you'd feel the same way. Don't know of too many wine buyers that move the vast majority of their own product but hey, that's how it goes. I drive my wife bat-shit crazy when I get home from the store bitching about the hundreds of cases I moved from point A to B, the ridiculous customer requests wanting me to find a wine they had in Florida/California/B.F.E. but they don't remember what it was called. Think maybe I need to watch a marathon of Extreme Home Makeover or something. But it's almost over, right? At least until next year. Just hang in there and vacation time (I hope for your sake and mine) comes in January. Merry Christmahanukwanzaaram! And cheers!

Samantha Dugan said...

Dude, I feel does my sore ass back. Cracks me up when people say things like, "wish I had your job" really? You want to wheel and lift stacks of wine all day on a cold ass, hard wine shop floor? Yup, it's pretty glamorous. Oh oh do I cringe at those, "I had this wine" moments, "It was Chateau something and had a picture of a castle or something on it. Do you have it?"....sigh. My new cringe inducing one is upon hearing that a wine is sold out having the customer ask, "can you order more?", its not like Tang, they can't just whip up another batch.

Hang in there, only a couple more days kid.