Monday, December 28, 2009

Hate Photos But....

So I allow very few photos to be taken of me…like ever. Hate it and most of the pictures that are out there have, at the very least my hand trying its best to cover my ugly mug but, I just had to not only allow this picture but I even requested it.

Monday night is a new sort of date night around these parts, Monday night is when me and my much adored neighbor, (the one that many of you have been reading about for like…years) have a standing dinner date. We go to Mario’s, (divey Mexican place across the street) for dinner. Tyler and I manage to sit together and somehow end up getting in trouble each and every week. It started with cars, we would crash his toy cars into the basket of tortilla chips, when that got old we started with the wet napkin fights…my personal favorite. This is where Tyler and I soak our napkins in our water glasses, wring them out and lob them at one another. This game would have been fine if my little buddy didn’t have such a wicked throwing arm….damn kid tried to toss a wet one at me and ended up hitting the purse of a woman three tables over. Like I said, we get in trouble a lot.

I look forward to these dinners like you cannot even imagine. I spend so much time being like, in charge of stuff, controlled and dunno…grown or something, this hour or two with the cutest kid ever just knocks all the fancy off me, all the serious, all the pressure….I get to play and I love it, I need it.

When we first started going out he was shy, it would take most of the dinner hour for him to come around and actually play with me…now, well now I get gummy, peanut butter and jelly sandwich fingerprints all over me the second we sit down. The new fun game is pinching my sides, dropping his sizeable melon on my shoulder and, “I want to give you a hug” comments…um, can you say giant-goo-filled-puddle? His new fascination with grabbing my boobs and telling me I should get naked, well…..guess that is the way it starts right? Somehow with him that kind of comment just makes me laugh, wrap my arms around his tiny frame and I find myself hunched over in our cramped little booth giggling. That blonde dome and big blue eyes giggling right along with me….love, I simply love this kid.

So for those of you that have been following the Sam and Tyler saga, we are still bestest friends, he draws me pictures, makes me laugh, soothes my wine filled head and not only lets me be me…he seems to like dig me and junk. As for me….well, I’m impervious to his big-eyed, funny faced charms…and I am so full of shit, he wrecks me.




Benito said...


I keep tellin' ya, Little Man's gonna be hooked on blondes for the rest of his life. You're playing a crucial role here. :)

Thanks as always for these utterly adorable and honest peeks into your soul. Favorite of all time will always be the series of pictures of your son from birth to present day.

If we don't talk before then, Happy New Year! Buon anno, cara mia.


Samantha Dugan said...

I was hovering over my laptop yesterday feeling like I should write something but not feeling the whole, "wine blogging" thing, so nothing came to me all day....kinda stinked. Went to dinner with Tyler and saw our picture I thought, "Well hell, I can slap this up there cuzz no one is really reading this time of year anyway" so I snuck in a "not about wine" post.

I always think of you when I write something about Tyler, your sweet comment about the "Balentimes" one being one of the cutest things on the Internet....that comment alone gave me the courage to sneak these personal, un-wine posts in. Oh and that one about Jeremy wrecks me too!

Have a Happy New Year Ben and I cannot wait to hear how you like that Champagne. One tip....let it warm up in the glass, people drink Champagne too damn cold! Crappy Champagne, sure freeze that crap but when you have great base wine, you want to taste it.

Tessa said...

Awe! You guys are so cute together...I'm glad this one has softened you a little before I start popping them out!

Samantha Dugan said...

I am not soft dammit!!! Shit this kid is killing my badass image....

Nancy Deprez said...

Very cute pic Sam!!!