Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nearly Pee'd Myself

Thank you Chuck, this nearly killed me but's like a SWS training film. This is why you MUST find a retailer that gives a crap!


John M. Kelly said...

OH... MY... GAWD!!!! Warning, Sam, this might be too much reality for your readers outside the industry! I f**king love it!

Samantha Dugan said...

Had tears in my eyes while I was trying to figure out how to post this...and my side hurt. I think my readers outside the industry will know that The Wine Country staff blows off those kind of guys left and right....all we got is our word, we need people to come back. Keep your dinners and I owe you no favors, that's my standard response to shit like that. "the name alone" thing almost killed me, cannot tell you how often I hear that one!
Glad you dug it, knew YOU would.

Amy said...

I am busting up at the airport bar...I love the robotic voice. Chuckers found a funny clip!

vickibarkley said...

That was hysterical! Love it.

Michael Hughes said...

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Reality is so much funnier. I know you feel me, Sam. I hear this type of shit day in & day out. Just tasted a cab sauv from alex valley AVA that my distributor is giving me a crapload of free goods on but the wine sucks & I refuse to buy in just for some free shit. We once had a distributor tell us that the reason they didn't have a certain product back in stock is because the train carrying that load accidentally got hooked to the wrong engine & wound up in another state. Seriously? Really?

Richard said...

Thanks, haven't had a laugh like that for a while. Can't wait to share it with my friends in the business. (i'm not, but mostly hang out with food & wine types)


Samantha Dugan said...

Cannot tell you how impressed I am that you worked that iphone, got to the Internets and was able to post...dude, amazing!

I do feel you my fellow retail friend, this shit is trying as all hell. Had a rep come in today, "Have some killer deals on Moet" um which I tossed out of the store like 9 years ago. "The prices are seriously slashed and I can throw in a case of Vodka when you buy five"....fuck you, ahem...excuse me, Fuck You. The best part was he looked at me like I was the asshole! Oh, I'm sorry you wish to give me a deal on wines I thought were so crappy that I nixed them years know, when the economy was booming...but now you want to deal me up...oh nevermind that you gave an even BIGGER discount to Vons so I still have to pay more wholesale than they are selling it for retail. Blow me.

Glad you dug it and it was not too much reality...I thought it was funny as hell.

Nancy Deprez said...

Oh my God, that was depressing! Agree with John this might be too much realit, not just for people outside the industry, but for sales reps like me! ;)

I love the liberal use of *ucking this *ucking that.... *ucking invoices etc.

Anonymous said...

Classic. Just classic. I have been in and around the industry for nearly 40 years. Some things never change. The snake oil salesman is alive and well unfortunately for all to behold. And SWS sucks. When they got my resume once I told them there must have been a glitch in the mail and please send it back to me. (They can dish it out but can't take it.)