Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not What I Expected

One thing I rarely talk about and cringe when asked is, “How did you and your husband meet?” I find myself being defensive and over explaining the whole deal. Carl and I met on the freaking Internet….alright?! It was long before dating sites, 15 years ago, and it was a local community chat board, just a few people talking about whatever and occasionally meeting up, as a group, (see defensive) to share a meal, have drinks or bowl. It just so turns out that Carl was one of my little group, thing was while I found him funny, he was NOT my type and I was not interested in dating him, don’t think he was with me either, then one night we were hanging in some restaurant/bar where a few people were playing video trivia and here was this guy, this guy with long hair, that talked about a drug addiction that caused him to drop out of UC Santa Barbara, in his concert tank top….tucked in no less, answering every freaking question….correctly, he was not what I expected, or thought he was and that in itself was enough to peek my interest and here we are now.

When I started this blog I had very few expectations, didn’t think I would have many readers outside the people that were in to the stuff I wrote for the newsletter and I just thought it would be a useful tool to help sell wines that maybe got left out of our print newsletter, or flipped my switch in between issues…nothing more than that, and that was what I did for the first few posts. I’ve sense gone back a read some of those…ack, dull, snooze inducing and dry, if I had stuck to that model I may have just gotten what I expected. I wrote a post early on, (Nightly Tango With My Inner Wine Monster…or something like that) after writing that, I felt a bigger connection to this blog, like I wanted to write more shit like that and since it was NOT a Wine Country blog…..well, I could. Took some time but eventually I took the bumper guards off and wrote whatever the hell I wanted, and that is where we are now.

Even after I removed the muzzle I never expected much to come from this thing, I really didn’t, it was just fun for me, a place for me to rant, emote and confess (some of) my “sins” nothing more than that, but after Tom Wark featured Sans Dosage on one of his bloggerview dealies I started getting WAY more visitors, which of course inspires me to write more, which I love doing, so it was a win, win for me….but then something else started happening.

I started seeing the same people returning AND they were leaving comments, I was shocked that anyone gave a shit but more than anything….I started to think of these people as friends, much to the chagrin of a few of my “right here in my space” friends, they were suspicious of my new pals…and truth be told, it was because most of the posters were men….freaking MSNBC has everyone thinking that ALL dudes on the Internets are predators, so not fair and my “dudes” are the furthest thing from that, just a bunch of people, (that happen to have junk) that are into the same things as I am, and much like myself, probably spend way too much time online. Nothing nefarious or sleazy going on and I sincerely like, and care about all my buddies that take the time to read and post, like I said, keeps me writing and some of y’all are funny as shit, so you make me laugh too!

So Wednesday when I read a comment from Jessica asking if I would be working on Friday, (she was in town from Colorado) and could she come by and meet me….well, I nearly piddled I was so thrilled. I’ve gotten to know a couple of you; Benito, Ron, John, Michael….some of you I know better now; Heather and Vicki but to actually meet someone that has been following this thing, well I was excited as hell and unbelievably honored, honored that she would take the time….I was a little nervous, that shy thing rearing its ugly head again but the second I looked up from my desk, saw that beautiful grin and heard, “Hi Sam” I knew it was her….damn near hugged her! Jumped up from my seat and practically pounced her….I didn’t, didn’t want her to run screaming from the store, but I felt like I knew her….like we had been friends for years, gave this booze slinger a warm fuzzy feeling for sure.

We shared a breakfast of champions, Van Morrison and Tempier Rose and talked, the whole time with me feeling like a million bucks and wishing we lived closer cuzz this was my kinda chick, funny, smart, into interesting wines and just as warm and sweet as she could be….Jessica, it was an honor to meet you and you my friend made my day, thank you so much!

So while I started this blog with no expectations this thing has given me so much, John sent me some of his wines, (Loved the 2004 Pinot Noir, ripe fruit, creamy vanilla, interesting minty flavors…shared them with Jessica too, seemed fitting) from Westwood winery, Benito has been holding my hand all along the way and Ron….well, Ron you have been something I could have NEVER expected. Thank you all so much, this week has been all over the place for me personally, and your kind words, gestures and visit reminded me how cool some people can be.

Okay I swear, no more gushing, “I love you guys” posts for awhile….this week just begged for another, wanted to let you all know how much it has all meant to me.


Ron Washam, HMW said...

My Gorgeous Sam,

If it turns out that the only thing I get out of HoseMaster of Wine is our friendship, it will have been worth it a billion times over.

Your HoseMaster

PS--And that CNBC special I "starred" in, "Online Predators with E.D.," was a total whitewash. I never even met Alice Feiring...

John M. Kelly said...

Aw, Sam... I love you too, man! If this relationship were a movie it would be a bro-mance. But seriously, I started reading your stuff after Tom's bit on "Sans Dosage." (I forget why I started reading Tom - local guy? Mutual friends? Link found when I was researching something for my writing? Whatever.)

Anyway, your writing is different from most of the dreck out there in its unpretentious intimacy. Plus you know your shit and are enthusiastic about the wines you love. Dont go all blushy or get big headed (or be offended!), but about the only other wine writing I enjoy as much is in the Kermit Lynch newsletter. So keep it up!

And thanks so much for the mention. Glad you enjoyed the Pinot!

Samantha Dugan said...

I KNEW I had seen you before!! Oh and ditto my sweet friend, you have been a true gift to me.

Snarf, how freaking cute are we?! I will have you know, you did make me blush and I let out one of those squeals that we chicks sometimes do...(hanging my head) it got away from me, what can I say?! Um, Kermit just so happens to be one of my favorite wine writers...Dixon is doing great as well, so your compliment spun me....and made me make girly sounds.

Thomas Pellechia said...

Well, not being part of the lovefest, all I can say is that I dropped by mainly because Sam once posted on Work's blog that she agreed with something I posted.

Whenever someone agrees with me I am compelled to

1. wonder who that guy in the mirror is

2. wonder who the hell is dumb enough to agree with me

3. wonder if I really said that

4. wonder if the person agreeing has been reading my blog

5. wonder if I should read that person's blog

and so, I don't have to wonder--right now, anyway.

Nancy Deprez said...


Benito said...

I made a few grammatical errors in my first attempt at posting...


It's so kind of you to keep referencing me in your posts. I'm glad to have been of assistance in the past.

I will warn you that I've been mistaken for homeless a few times, so if you ever see a short Irish-looking guy with a red beard in your shop, pause for a moment before calling the police. ;)


Samantha Dugan said...

You're kidding right?! You were my first blog friend, you designed my logo out of the goodness of your heart and any question I had/have you have answered and then my friend, you are a true gentleman and I adore you. Truth be told, not sure I would have gone this far without you. If and when you walk in my store I will hug your red bearded face and we, we will share a great bottle of wine...never homeless when I'm around pal.

Samantha Dugan said...

I agree with you, again. I've been following your comments on other blogs for quite some time and find your posts full of sound advice and loads of actual information, which is why I find it funny to see you here, funny but wicked cool. I am honored that you visted and hope to see you here often.

Jessica said...


Sorry for the delay, just finally back from San Diego and catching up on the reading!

I TOTALLY loved meeting you and you can be guaranteed it won't be the last time, it'll be hard to keep me away whenever I'm in LA.

THANKS SO MUCH for the reco's on the wines - we loved them and the Bandol Tempier was a HUGE hit with all the girlfriends (even the non wine drinkers)! Of course, I hogged as much of it as possible!

We drank the slutty champagne and I brought the elegant bottle home with me - I will enjoy it this week for Champagne Thursday and look forward to our next visit!

Hope your week is starting off well - you crack me up with these blogs!


Samantha Dugan said...

G;ad the wines worked out for you, I hope you got an extra glass of Tempier! Did you guys like the Billiot, I find that some people think it is a bit too big, so just wondering how it sat with you. Pierre Peters on a Thursday sound pretty freaking brilliant to me!
Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to your next visit.