Friday, July 2, 2010

Shut Up And Listen

I know our roles

Know that I am to be the one pressed flat and helpless beneath your fingers each time we meet

Know that it’s your voice that whispers orders in my ear, “Move over here. Touch me again”

I know that my normally strong frame goes limp and slithery once I feel you…get near you, even hours before I get to taste you.

I know….

You have relished in your control of me
The way you make me weak
Make me slowly shift my weight
Make my full hips shift forward in tiny skips as I pull my body from its resting spot just to be near you

I know….

I too derive pleasure by having you steer my shoulders, lift my chin….bend me at your will
I find something overwhelmingly seductive and somewhat terrifying in how easily my body is ready to take you in
How willing my breath is to leave my body to make more room for you
How this in control woman is willing, more than willing…painfully aching to surrender to you

I know….

But tonight…tonight the control will be mine
It is your flesh that I wish to feel beneath my palms
My voice that grows deeper and more demanding
Your body I will control and devour
Your will I will grin at as I watch it diminish
Our reversal of roles that will see me swallowing you whole…
Lifting your chin
Bending you at my will

Just so you know….

That hip shifting girl
The one that spins at the scent of your flesh
Well she is wrapping her fingers around your throat
Telling you to shut up and listen
Climbing on top and daring you to challenge her…challenge me

Just so you know….

I won’t listen
I will giggle as you try and regain your seat
Threaten to stop touching you should you cross my line
Tonight it is my turn
My turn to wrap my warm hands around your cold frame
Feel your puddle gather in my palms

Just so you know….

I want you
I want you to shut up and let me be the one
Just for tonight
Let me control the pace
My fingers tipping your chin
My whisper, my demands, my mouth

Bend for me…
One more
One more time
One more glass
One more moment together but this time…..
I tell You when
Tell You when to stop
Tell You when not to….

Just so You know….

My body has been yours to press for fourteen years…
Shut up and listen
I will have as much of You as I want
Won’t think of how it makes me feel…how it makes You feel
All my breath in my chest
Hovering above you
Taking you in…

"Move over here. Touch me again"

Shut up….
While I pour another glass
Of You


Ron Washam, HMW said...

My Gorgeous Samantha,

You had me at, "But tonight--tonight the control will be mine."

I think I love you.

Your HoseMaster

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... makes me want to go home and ravish the man. Well written!

webb said...

When I can get my blood pressure down and breathe again, I'll write a comment!

Valerie said...

MMmm - a smoldering sequel to Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" ... gorgeous, this!

Samantha Dugan said...

Ron My Love,
Wow, you were the first to post! That almost never happens, be careful Love, people may take you for a man that is into bossy chicks.

Go get em' cowgirl.

Guess I was feeling a little saucy last night, (blushing).

I do loves me Joni. I was just in that mood last night....not wanting to think about the wine I was drinking, not trying to hear it. I wanted to be in control, do with it as I I um, did.

Thank you all for commenting as always!

Annie Browne said...

That was a good one...I need a cigarette now!

Samantha Dugan said...

Smoke what ya got when ya got it....

Alfonso Cevola said...

Great toast!