Thursday, August 27, 2009

Um, Yum?!

You know, because bread makes you fat....

Now here's a KFC I can stand behind!

There have been marijuana dispensaries popping up all over Southern California of late, but this one is slightly different. Rather than tearing the whole thing down and starting from scratch, the proprietors of this alternative KFC decided to incorporate the design of the previous tenants. They have removed the official Kentucky Fried Chicken logo, but the rest of the building remains mostly intact.
So do they plan on selling hot biscuits with
THC butter? Can you order your Pineapple Express by the bucket? Do they offer family meals? "No comment." Hm. I suppose we'll have to take that as a no.

(Above photo and text taken from LA Weekly Blog) (Just the KFC building one and the text that is underneath it...those other gems, all me!)


John M. Kelly said...

Hey, I am all down with Michael Pollan, into cooking my own food, I grow stuff to eat, shop at farmer's market and from local, sustaiable sources, and I object on so many levels to corporate food in principle.

But... that... looks... just... f**cking... delicious!

C'mon, this is just deconstructed chicken Cordon Bleu, with bacon instead of ham and a sloppy presentation. It should go well with everything from a Sancerre to maybe a Pic Saint Loup.

Now if you really want to go ghetto and feel guilty about calories, ask for a ladle of gravy over it [does Homer Simpson impression.

Samantha Dugan said...

Have to agree that it looks kinda delicious, but I cannot stop thinking about the carb counters that are going to order it because the bun is bad for you.

Benito said...

Reminds me a bit of the Big MacChicken with Cheese. Warning: do not read while eating.

Samantha Dugan said...

You should have also warned not to read while hungover! Truly vile.

vickibarkley said...

The photo is giving me heartburn!!

Benito said...


That guy's blog is hilarious. Check out his piece on chicharrones when you get to feeling better. :)


Nancy Deprez said...

Benito, that's an awesome blog! Thanks for turning me onto it! :)