Thursday, June 17, 2010


Thank you....
16th title
Thank you for feeding my need
The hours of passion
The hours of pain
I love and so needed this
2010 NBA Champions
Oh and no wretched Rombauer


Sara Louise said...

Huge sigh of relief for you!

Anonymous said...


Enjoyed the Touraine today. Delicious!

Will be making another order.


Samantha Dugan said...

You two...well aside from the game, you made my night!

You adorable thing you...simply cannot believe you found a way to follow from your far off but beautiful location. Thank you...just thank you.

I can see that stunning smile from here! I have been waiting to read the passage you brought me until I and my creepy ass mind were in a better place to appreciate the message and intent. You coming in, stapled and photocopied papers in hand...humbling and moving. Thank you sweet smiled one, thank you.

Samantha Dugan said...

Oh and William....let that wine simmer overnight. Just half a bottle and I assure you, the reward will be Yours.

Ron Washam said...

My Gorgeous Samantha,

Wow! What a game. Congratulations on your Lakers' victory, and your victory over the hapless Puff Daddy. Don't worry, Charlie, one day the pastis here, the next day it's behind us.

Running out of Rombauer at your shop was a sign, My Love, that you weren't going to need it. The Celtics pilot won't need it either. There will be all of that leftover Champagne from their locker room to drink...

Sure was fun. Though I still pine for your post about Rombauer and Thai food.

I love you,

Your HoseMaster

Samantha Dugan said...

Was actually a pretty crappy game to watch, they were all, (both sides) just so drained that offensively it was almost painful to watch. That being said I'll take it! Being a Laker fan my whole life I still felt that ass kicking Boston handed them in 2008, worst loss ever....this victory healed that broken heart.

Have a great weekend love and as always, I love you.

Joe said...

I only caught a minute, and really didn't care, but I know you love the Lakers, so I'm happy for you and your team.

To celebrate, will you Los Angelenos be out boating and fishing on the many Lakes in the area?

Samantha Dugan said...

Well thank you so much for thinking of me and extended me the congratulations. Sadly there are no lakes here so we will just have to suffer through on one of our many beaches....

Joe said...

ha! Great.

I was speaking with someone about NBA mascots not changing. I've never been attacked by a Grizzly Bear in Memphis, TN, and I can assure you that the Jazz scene in Salt Lake City sucks :)

Anonymous said...

Let us know what Charlie thinks of the Pastis! A picture of his face scrunching up and gagging with the first sip would be a bonus.

Anonymous said...

PS: I hope he doesn't make that face, I hope you convert him. It's an acquired taste though, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

So I went and got a turkey with pepper jack cheese panini. Grilled nice and hot. Then pulled out the Touraine from yesterday and sat down to see how the wine would do a day later. One word: YUM!

Thanks again,

Charlie Olken said...

One day later and I am beginning to get over the pain.

But, now LA is intruding again (what the hell is it with you folks?).

The Doggers and Manny Ramirez have landed in Beantown. I guess cheers of Beat LA will still reverberate in Beantown for a while.

To all my friends here, and even to those who will hate me forever for being a Celtics fan, I have to tell you that you will never see a picture of me drinking Pastis. I will drink a glass. Have done so before. And as long as I am not required to drink two glasses, I will be OK.

Sam, love you. Don't understand your fascination with this confection.

TWG said...

This is bullshit, the bet shoulda been to share a bottle. Charlie you took advantage of our sweet Samantha.

Green Daddy said...

Took advantage of Sam? Don't give me ideas.

And sharing a bottle? Are you trying to give me palpitations? A glass is more than enough.

Samantha Dugan said...

Woman we need to get you a nickname. I am sure Charlie will hate the Pastis just as much as I would have hated the Rombauer, very different tastes he and I. We did however meet because of a shared admiration and adoration of a certain funny man with a wicked sharp palate, a very big heart and a gift with the words like no other I have ever met. So we meet somewhere near the HoseMaster of Wine...a gift, these two men have been a tremendous gift in my life so if Puff Daddy, Green Daddy, Sir Charles...Charlie wishes to fudge about drinking that Pastis, well I will look the other way and love him just as much as I did yesterday.

Dude, I am so happy you liked it! I wish I could have gotten some for you, (rather hate that you had to buy it from someone else but...) but I am thrilled you liked the wine and humbled that you came here to tell me. Thank you. Means more to me than yo can know.

Now what would make you think that I am the kind of woman that gets taken advantage of?! Dammit, I think much like my wee neighbor/boyfriend this blog is gonna wreck my badass rep. You called me sweet and that made me blush, put a much needed grin on this ugly-mug-o-mine and thank you for pointing out what I had been thinking all along....Charlie and I should have shared a bottle, win-win for me.

Green Daddy,
I am sorry for your loss. Well, not really all that sorry but if it were anything other than Lakers vs Celtics I would be sorry for your loss. It was a hard fought series and as I said before, it was even more fun for me having this little side dealie going with you. You are a gentleman sir and I will be awaiting the email after the Pastis. I will snicker as you shudder but it is all in love.

Green Daddy said...

" I will be awaiting the email after the Pastis. I will snicker as you shudder but it is all in love. "

I am already shuddering. This is going to be doubly painful. First I have to pay for the Pastis. Then I have to drink it.

That is adding insult to injury. And I have this bad feeling that the nearest place selling Pastis is BevMo.

Or maybe I will get lucky and the nearest Pastis will be in LA.

Samantha Dugan said...

Green Daddy,
In the spirit of good sportsmanship it would be my pleasure to send you a bottle, just tell me where to. Or for verification you could come on down my way and I could share with you and explain my adoration for the beloved anise beverage.....your call.

k2 said...

Congrats Sam! And my condolences to you Charlie! That stuff is truly nasty.

Samantha Dugan said...

You too k2?! C'mon.....least I have John that would be willing to share a glass of Pastis with me. Thanks for the congratulations there Kevin, twas truly a great night!

Charlie Olken said...


Does the two glasses of Pastis I had to drink in Provence some years ago at the house of our hosts count?

No, I didn't think so. Working on my courage. I may try a little of the Dutch version.

And Kevin, thanks for the sympathy.

Samantha Dugan said...

No way no how. Hard to drum up sympathy whilst talking about sipping away in Provence love. Just pull the scab off Charlie Baby....and send me pictures!!!