Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winless Thursday

Charlie ready?


Charlie Olken said...

Now, now, Samantha. It's only one game. Sure Koby is the best player around and Gasol is probably the best overall big man in the league, but, this was only one game.

Now, if the Celtics stub their toes again on Sunday, then I will begin to get myself ready for my date with an ugly elixir that tastes like rancid fennel filtered through a petroleum filter (hey, that's it. Send the Pastis to Louisiana) and looks like milk with anemia.

Oh, the pain, the agony, the crushed spirit.

Sara Louise said...

Look at that bottle of Ricard! A woman after my husbands heart :-)

As I am a Spurs fan I can't cheer along with you. BUT I will drink along with you. The Husband is arriving home in 45 minutes (5:30pm here, 8:30am there) and while you will be sipping coffee, I'll be sipping Pastis in the Provencal sun. Wish you were here!

Samantha Dugan said...

Oh but what a fantastic game one it was. Gotta tell ya Charlie, even when the lead was up to 20 in the third and everyone was already talking about game two I was still nervous. One thing in all my years as a Laker lover, never....never ever underestimate the Boston Celtics.

There that was me saying something nice. I was expecting more smack talk but I guess you are too much a gentleman. Now I feel like a poop.
Kisses to your crushed spirit Puff Daddy Sir and we shall meet again on Sunday.

Samantha Dugan said...

Oh I LOVE me some Pastis, (Charlie does not which is why I want him to drink some if the Celtics, ahem...when the Celtics lose) and what I wouldn't give to be sitting in the sun with you, the husband and Fifty!

Celtics Daddy said...

Smack talk? You mean like, "Your mother wears Army boots" or "You're so ugly, you have to sneak up on a glass of water to get a drink"?

OK. The Lakers uniforms are so ugly, they would look better in pink tutus and ballet slippers.

Koby is so ugly he has to sneak up on a glass of water to get a drink.

Ron Artest's father was a boxer. That's not so bad, but his mother was a dalmatian.

I got a million of them. But since I don't want to drown in that Pastis if the boys in green forget to show up like they did last night. I'll keep the rest of them to myself for the time being.

Samantha Dugan said...

Oh you can bet your sweet little ass that the Celtics will show up on Sunday. Did you see KG's face?! Pissed, really pissed and I fear that he will try and bloody my boy's lovely Sunday whites.

Weird calls last night on both ends, to have every starter with like 3 fouls would indicate that the refs were a little whistle happy. I will say I think that 5th foul on Allen was total bullshit and my face bore the same look of disgust as his did.

That being said I think the Lakers were just unstoppable last night, Gasol and Bryant just relentless. The Lakers have a habit of forgetting to freaking rebound and last night they seemed to remember that second chances are a very good thing! I so look forward to Sunday and hope that Kobe taking that three pointer at the end of the game is a sign that he has not forgotten 2008. Just hope someone picks Odom up before the game this time.

I will put a bottle of Rombauer on hold love and you already know the vessel from which I will have to take my poison and swallow my pride should your boys turn things around.

John M. Kelly said...

So... um... there's some kind of baseketball thing going on? Isn't that, like, 10 tall guys running back and forth and throwing a round thing?

Seriously no offense intended. But I think I'll have a Pastis every time the Lakers win. And probably every time the Celtics win. Or maybe I will have one every time one of those teams loses.

Oops - just discovered that chez Kelly is Pastis-less! I could be arrested for indecent exposure in 27 states! Quick! To the store!

Charlie Olken said...

Erm, John, aren't you the guy who dissed football and footy over on Jose's blog?

No like sports? Must be too much Pastis. It's just Absinthe by another name. Still rots the brain.

Better you should try chicken soup.

Samantha Dugan said...

John My Sweet,
Well least you didn't go with the standard thyroid comment or call them freaks. That would have ruffled my feathers but your comment was so very you and how can I not love that? I swear you can I will have anise seeping from our pours when we meet.

Wanna "seep" with me and John? C'mon all the cool kids are doing it...

John M. Kelly said...

Careful Sam - you keep describing it that way and some OC tight ass is going to pass a law against it. "Thirty days in the hole for seeping!"

Charlie - I spent 20+ formative years in Texas where I took my sports very seriously. As I have become old and curmudgeonly, more and more I find amusement in the ridiculousness of it all - the bread and circuses and the rank commercialism - the same things I rail against in the wine world n'cest pas?

Back in the day I used to look up to my sports heroes. These days I find I no longer want to dunk like Kobe or pass like Manning. I'm not dead yet, though - I still want to run like Bolt, serve and volley like Federer, and drive like Hamilton.

Samantha Dugan said...

On lock down for seeping...kinda hot

Charlie Olken said...

Hi John--

I have past my sell-by date as an active athlete and even as an active coach, which I did for forty years, starting in college, but sports are never going to be far from life.

As a Bostonian by birth, I have Red Sox DNA in my blood and, at appropriate times, I bleed Celtics green. Left home before the Pats were for real and have lost contact with the Bruins.

My kids were both great soccer players, and I got involved coaching that sport back when there were not many experienced coaches. So, I got drafted in and got good at it and still follow baseball and soccer words on the Internet everyday. Wine is fun, and I am glad I get paid to do it. Being a sports fan is also lots of fun for me--as you might be able to tell from this bit of friendly argy-bargy in which Sam and I are engaging.

TWG said...

Three days off! What a joke, should be Stanley Cup, NBA, Stanley Cup, NBA, etc. Of course scheduling both on the same night spares the bean town fans the agony of what should've been.

BTW Charles it's football not soccer, just ask anyone from the ROW. (beat LA)

Charlie Olken said...

TWG, note my first comment to John Kelly and my reference to footy, which I follow with the same passion as I follow baseball.

Up at 530 this AM to watch the US play the Aussies in the last World Cup tuneup.

Did you say " Beat LA"? Well done!!!

Samantha Dugan said...

Beat LA?! Oh that's right you are a sixers fan....awe poor thing.

Okay my sweet anise flavored lippy one....

Green Daddy said...

And so it gets interesting. After the Celtics blew the lead at the start of the third quarter, I was afraod it was all going to get away, but Kobe's foul trouble allowed the Celtics to stay close, and then the Lakes went into their own funk at the end of the game.

All the smell of good Chardonnay, or even of sweet Rombauer is getting nearer.