Monday, May 31, 2010

Trust Me

If you trust me on nothing else I say here trust me on it. Buy it by the case and do it ASAP. We had five cases on Thursday, four of Friday and blew through...and I am talking b-l-e-w through the rest of it on Saturday afternoon. We had people grabbing it out of the hands of the staff as they were trying to price the damn stuff. Francois Chidaine is simply a master and this Rose is right up there with the likes of Tempier as far as elegance and purity goes. It's brilliant wine and sadly it is made in tiny quantities. Sexy as hell on the nose, tons of floral and herby notes but with a plump burst of cherry and a hint of minerals. The palate is pure and utterly refreshing with a give-me-another-glass, no that's a lie....give-me-another-bottle crave-ability unlike any Rose I have had yet this that too is a lie, in years!

Getting five more cases on Wednesday and one of them is already spoken for. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wait or you will miss out on one of the most thrilling Roses we have tasted in years. Call, email me or order it from the online store but do not lolligag people, this wine will not be around long and you would be insane to miss it. Oh did I forget to mention it is $11.99?! Stupid, it is a stupid value and the kind of deal that comes around like once every gillion years.


vickibarkley said...

Did Wabe get the case? He kept saying that last night. I'm thinking I might need a case, also.

Obviously, we need to get together, cook, and drink too much. ;-)

webb said...

I totally believe you that this is a shouldn't miss wine, but my memory is that you are in California? can it be gotten in the east (Virginia), too, or are we talking regional distribution here? thanks.

The Woo said...

Alright. If you say it's comparable to Tempier, I'm in for case. I will be up in the Valley on Thursday, don't know if I will be able to drive through LB (in my spiffy new ride by the way!) in time before you close, but if so, I'll pick it up then.

In the meantime, definitely ring a case for me. I'll call you later with a CC for you to bill.

Samantha Dugan said...

He is the first case getter. Got a text at midnight asking me to hold one for him....crazy. Yes lady we do need to get together

I am not sure if it is get-able where you are through retailers but I, ship you some. This wine is stupid good and I was not kidding when I said you must get some. Freaking fantastic and at that price, silly. Email or call me and we can make it go.

You got it love and I know you will want me. I will hold your case but am thinking I might just have to chill one of the bottles I bought and have you taste it before you leave...dude.

Anonymous said...

Pretty please can you put me down for a case of this unforgettable rose? I'll hurry over and pay/pick-up as soon as you get it...can't get enough of this lovely wine!
xoxo Heather

Samantha Dugan said...

You got it lady! I will send you a message over on facebook when it arrives.

Sip with Me! said...

That's a steal and it looks gorgeous! I'll have to try and track me down a bottle up here in the woods!

Romes said...

Can you send me 6 bottles? I will need me some French Rose when I get home and have total France withdrawals! That is if I'm not too late?

Thinking of you everyday of this trip - and many times a day while in Champagne!


Samantha Dugan said...

Sip with Me,
Really is a stunning bottle, get your hands on some!

Been loving reading about your trip and I have put in a pretty please request to the importer trying to get more. I think there is a 2nd container coming near the end of the month so either way I will get you six bottles. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Sara Louise said...

I've written the name down and going to see if I can find it here. You are far too excited about it for me to give it a miss. Must. Find. Wine.

Samantha Dugan said...

Good luck my friend and please report back!

UPDATE (6/2/10) The first five cases are long gone but I have been told by the importer that more will be arriving at the end of the month. I am taking orders for the next drop so those of you still interested need only call, post here or email me and I will let you know when it arrives.