Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Line Of The Day

Okay, I love our customers. I feel the need to make that clear before I divulge this little gem. This nugget of “No you did-int”

I try really hard to be a tolerant person. I don’t get all pissy or snide and I never make fun of people when they don’t know something about wine. I mean if they knew everything about wine they wouldn’t need us right? I am always compassionate when people come in with their papers printed out from the Internet or scribbled notes from their “Wine Friend” I’m there to help and I actually really appreciate the fact that they had the courage to come in and ask. Okay so the people I like admire and appreciate, so not this guy….

“Himalayan salt? Well it’s about time they started exporting something besides earthquake victims”

Um, fuck.

Now the dude was not wearing his sunglasses on the back of his neck, (big douchebag red flag) but he was sporting the Pat Riley, slicked back, heavily gelled….can see every tooth mark the comb left, hair…and he was grinning ear to ear. I stood there trying to figure out if he actually thought he was funny or if the half wit that rattles around in his vacuous dome like farted or something.

I’m sitting here hours later still unsure if it was the stupidity or sheer lack of compassion that stunned me more. Just another one for the “People Are Magic” file…..


Nancy Deprez said...

Sucky. Guys like these always think they are witty/funny, but don't understand why others don't think so. :(

HoseMaster Family said...

Awe, it's like the good old days...just me and Nancy here! That guy was just more than I could stand, not funny, not witty and just a jackass. I don't get people like that...

Nancy Deprez said...

Is that you Sam? I'm like, who is Hosemaster Family? Sounded a lot like Sam!

This guy gets the jaw drop, not a giggle from cute girls that work in wine store.

HoseMaster Family said...

Whoops...yeah it's me Nancy. I am/was mourning the loss of my Internet Husband, The HoseMaster of Wine, (he is stepping away from his brilliantly written blog for awhile...or forever) so I was working on creating a blog for those of us that are now...homeless. Seeing as I am a compu-tard I could not figure out how to do two blogs with separate log ins.

Yeah, that guy got no grins from anyone, (not even his date) at the shop!