Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How's About We Tax These Mother F'rs?!

So here's an idea, why don't we lay off the cigarette smokers and wine drinkers, (I still think California should legalize pot and tax it) and start extra taxing the makers and eaters of this vile crap.

Don't get me wrong, I likes me some crap food from time to time, but this....this stuff should only be eaten once you have already heard you only have a month left to live. We can't afford to keep summer school in session, our basketball team had to foot half the bill for their own freaking celebration parade and our residents are losing their houses left and right, to the greedy bank bastards that told them they just HAD to get in the market when the prices are inflated by like twice. But not to worry Southern California, when the Orange County fair rolls around this year, you can stuff your broke asses on these

The deep fried White Castle Burgers

The Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich

The scooped out zucchini that has been stuffed with a cheese filled hot dog, deep fried and served with Ranch dip...of course

And brand spanking new this year,
The Kookie Cookie a delightful treat..2 soft oatmeal raisin cookies, one smeared with strawberry sauce, the other with cream cheese and in the middle...deep fried chicken breast

Awesome...we suck.


Michael Hughes said...

Thank you for making me vomit on my keyboard. Those items are an abomination. I agree with you on who should be taxed.

It could be worse. Its the friggin wild wild west in Tennessee. Our brilliant legislature passed a law allowing guns in bars/restaurants. There is a provision stating that if you are carrying you can't be served alcohol. But if its concealed what's stopping that person from just lying to get a drink? I personally think that Nashville just hates Memphis & wants us to blatantly start killing each other so they don't have to deal with us.

seriousduh said...

Errr...don't you think these vendors do pay taxes? They are just selling a product like anyone else in a store, restaurant. And, lighten up! It is novelty food to be enjoyed once a year when a Fair rolls around. If ya don't like it, um, don't eat it?

Samantha Dugan said...

I read about that law, seems an unwise choice to say the very least, somehow booze and firearms seem like the two things you should keep apart...can't buy cheese in a wine store in New York but you can bring a gun in a bar in Tennessee...crazy.

Serious Duh,
Thank you so much for the suggestion, and might I suggest you give it a try yourself? I was poking fun at the hypocrisy. We have restrictions on booze, we throw people in jail for possession of tiny amounts of weed, we sin tax wine and cigarettes but people can destroy their health with nasty, (and I am not just talking fair was an an analogy) unnatural foods till their heart's content, or gives out...whichever comes first. I find it funny that's all, and yes I am aware that those fry-o-lator dude's pay taxes, like I said, I was poking fun..

TWG said...

These items are so gross only a teenager could eat on a dare.

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